Boobiest Oscars Ever!

Anne Hathaway's tits

This past Sunday, The 85th Academy Awards celebrated the efforts of filmmakers, business people, and performers and the films we loved throughout the year. Daniel Day-Lewis won another Oscar and that foxy Hunger Games chick won her first (at just 22-years-old!), but the real winners weren’t filling the Dolby Theater in Hollywood, they were the heterosexual men watching at home.

Even before first-time (and last-time) host Seth MacFarlance belted out an instantly loathed song about seeing the breasts of female actresses on the big screen, naming names and titles with aggressive glee, boobs were the talk of the red carpet. Winner of Best Supporting Actress, Les Misérables’ Anne Hathaway, waltzed into the ceremony (and all the pomp and circumstance that surrounds it) with nipples blazing bright. Dubbed “Les Nipplerables” by the hash-taggers of Twitter, Hathaway’s perkiness distracted, at least, from that horrific hairstyle she seemingly dropped onto her head from a great height. Bonus!

Anne Hathaway

Gawker has the full video compilation of every crude, offensive, sexist, racist, and otherwise questionable joke MacFarlane made during his hosting gig, but if you just want to see the best advertising (42 million viewers!) Mr. Skin never paid for, a performance Salon has called a celebration of misogyny (among other things), the infamous We Saw Your Boobs song, well, here you go:

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