Get Her Sticky and She Won’t Cry “Icky”

MrPinksA study recently published by “peer-reviewed, open access journal”, conducted by Charmaine Borg and Peter J. de Jong of the Department of Clinical Psychology and Experimental Psychopathology at the University of Groningen, The Netherlands has found that arousal trumps disgust when it comes to sex and that women are less likely to be turned off by something “icky” when their juices are flowing. What does that mean for the layman? Get your girl excited enough and she’s likely to try almost anything.

Quoting Sigmund Freud in its introduction – “A man, who will kiss a pretty girl’s mouth passionately, may perhaps be disgusted by the idea of using her tooth-brush.” – Borg and Jong laid the groundwork for their study, arguing that disgust has evolved to be a defense mechanism that guards the body from “external contamination”. Raising the question of Horny vs. Gross as a means to test the extent to which external stimuli (like a dick) may be rejected during sexual activity of varying degrees of, well, hotness, Borg and Jong investigated just how turned-off study participants were by blindly putting their hand in a container of lubricated condoms or split pea soup, and by being asked whether they’d bone an obese chick. When aroused, the guys responded with a rousing “Hell yeah!” When not aroused, they politely declined and elected the pea soup to be tactilely repulsive. The same rang true for females, too, as they, sexually aroused, accepted stimuli they would’ve otherwise rejected.

Still need a simpler, less nerdy version? If you’re trying to convince your girl to take it in the rear and she exhibits reluctance at every turn, spend a good amount of time warming her up and getting her blood flowing to all the right areas and then ask. She might just say yes! In any case, it’s better to take conversations in a kinky direction while you’re both aroused and not, say, eat pizza or watching football. (Unless she’s a cheese or touchdown fetishist, that is.)

Oh yeah, and this study also explains masturbator’s remorse, something we’ve all struggled with from time to time. Haven’t we?

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