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Missy Pinks at MrPinks.comMissy Pink,

So consider me an abnormal woman and maybe even a bit on the crazy side, but I have grown so tired of my boyfriend’s want to have hours of foreplay! You probably don’t hear that much, but now and then I would much more enjoy a quickie, I’m in the mood to do it, let’s do it and get it done, but he thinks if sex starts at 8 pm, it shouldn’t end until midnight or after. I’m tired of the diddling, I want it fast, furious and straight to the hardcore. Am I really that different from other women?

Lingering Lust

Dear Lingering;

I must admit, your complaint isn’t one to be heard on a daily basis while sharing pink drinks with your best gal pals on a Friday night. Most women would give their favorite handbag for a man that would be as attentive and romantic.

In trying to see both sides of the coin, it sounds as if you’re trying to make change in your relationship. Even though it’s simple enough to switch your brand of laundry detergent, or you opt for a bolder flavored mouthwash, when it comes to what happens in the bedroom, often routine and comfort, play such a huge role, any straying from the normal can knock your world off its axis.

Just like with any issue of disagreement in a relationship, the key is communication. I’m sure you don’t think twice in mentioning your car isn’t running quite right and you’re going to take it in for a tune up the following day, so, why not use that same approach when wanting a tune up to your intimate routine.

I have to say one thing, kudos to your boyfriend for being the dream of a high percentage of the female gender, most of the time women are left laying beside a snoring man that rolled over, shared a few thrusts, landed his dismount and resumed slumber before his side of the sheets had time to chill. And, in trying to be sympathetic to both sides, I can see where there would be times when you’re just not in the mood for extreme foreplay, you want to feel the closeness and the release, but in a more, caveman style of taking. No one has the same sexual urge every night of the week, wants are changed as often as underwear.

As I mentioned above, it’s time to have a talk, the tongue can be used for more than oral sex, so utilize it. Make a nice dinner, and let the relaxation surmount with each course, and then, as you’ve wiped your mouth with your napkin, then start talking a bit dirty from the cleaned surface. Use finesse , make sure your lover understands you appreciate his attentive nature and you’re not saying you don’t ever want to spend hours in play mode before going in for the delivery, it’s just there are times when your animalistic urges say, “Take me, take me now!”

Who knows, maybe he’s trying to be a gentleman before juicing and there could actually be those days when you’ve been on his mind all afternoon and he’d enjoy coming home, finding you bent over the dishwasher and just manhandle you with passion. There’s a lot to be said for hardcore pleasure, just as words aren’t few in the realm of intimacy either, the trick is finding the combination that works for you both, and I think this time, it’s best to let your lips do the talking instead of letting fingers do the walking.

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