Lost in Lust

Missy Pinks at MrPinks.comDear Missy Pink;

Lately I’ve been checking the history on my boyfriend’s laptop and he has a lot of porn sites he’s saved. We use to look at those things together, but I thought they were silly and stopped, but apparently he’s continued when I’m not around. Do you think the sex sites are turning him on more than I do? I’m feeling really insecure over a computer.

Lost in Lust

Dear Lost;

I always try to find the silver lining to every sexual cloud before casting judgment upon anyone. If you turn your face a bit towards the sun, you’ll see there is a bright side to the fact that he did include you in the beginning, meaning he wasn’t trying to hide or sneak. You were the one that didn’t find it appealing and stopped sharing the juicy journey with him, which I’m sure he understood, it’s not for everyone, but apparently it is for him, so he continued. I can’t help but wonder if you really weren’t interested, or maybe you felt a bit threatened, and you thought if you stopped, he would too.

If that were the case, then you can’t really blame him for any boner filled backfiring that took place in your plan. Has your sex life decreased? You don’t mention that, so I get the impression he’s still assuming the position frequently enough that you feel comfortable in knowing you do indeed still turn him on. We have to remember that men are the visual species, so, if there’s a chance to look, we can’t blame them for following what’s in their “jeans.”

Nothing says you can’t become his personal little porn star. Break out that dusty credit card and buy yourself some lingerie and stockings, maybe a kick-ass pair of stilettos, and then show him that he can fall in love and in lust with you. Keep in mind the only actual satisfaction the porn brings to him is the hard-drive on his computer, but when he’s ready to slide his floppy into the portal of pleasure, he’ll find that waiting for him in bed each night. Don’t be threatened by something in cyber space, spin your own world wide web and let him curl your url!

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