#TeamBJ to Descend on Las Vegas

TeamBJ Vegas

Sara Jay’s periodic involvement in top-class competitive sports competition doesn’t run particularly deeply, but with Siri in tow, Sara Jay’s FIFA 2014 World Cup #TeamBJ offer – in short: free blowjobs for all fans if certain teams won the world cup – aims to deeply satisfy their combined throng of fans. After the competition peak with Germany’s extra-time triumph against Argentina at the World Cup Final in Brazil, the expected #TeamBJ celebration has been given a date and venue at which all those who meet the modest criteria can take their place in line and receive fellatio from two bona fide porn queens.

Now, with Germany victorious and (probably still partying with Rihanna), TeamBJ is officially inviting those fans who followed the qualifying instructions – suckees must have followed Sara Jay and Siri on Twitter before final kickoff, retweeted one of their #TeamBJ World Cup tweets, make their way to the location on the day, and can produce a clean bill of sexual health – to, where else, but Las Vegas on September 4th. For North Americans, this could be the last shot they get to be inside the mouths of these two porno superstars; future events will likely be held in Europe. Participants must also consent to being on camera for the official TeamBJ video shoot that will later be available online.

So, your wife has allowed you to use your once-in-a-marriage free pass to extracurricular pleasures and you’ve both met you’ve got enough funds at hand to fly to Vegas, book a hotel room, gamble a little, and enjoy the generosity of Sara Jay and Siri (and you’re confident you can pass an STD test), you might wanna head on over to #TeamBJ’s website and hook yourself up before the July 31 sign-up deadline or forever miss your shot with Sara and Siri.

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This amateur Milf has more than a perfect ass – Daphoz sponosored post

Kamilla erotic makeover

New and exclusive hot women is what they love to catch and “capturing” this hot amateur Milf, they really hit their best. I’m talking about the guys at Daphoz.com, and what they’ve found this time is a sexy mom with a true perfect ass! Wouldn’t you stick your hard dick between those statuesque buttocks while she bends over on that bed?

By they way, she’s not only an ass: have you noticed her tight wet pussy? She likes to shave it keeping only a thin strip of pussy hair. “My pussy lips and clit are very tiny and this is probably the reason my vagina is so sensible and get wet so easily” she says. This is the first time Kamilla appears all naked on a website and she’s also very proud to have been chosen among many other women (even younger than her) to pose for the Erotic Makeover.

Don’t miss Kamilla’s amazing pics in real size and HD full-length videos at Daphoz! Click here and start the Free Tour.

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Kpop’s (Very) Little Porn Problem

In the Western World of popular music, a scandal generally involves rampant infidelity, horrific drug abuse, a leaked sex tape, or prison time, but in South Korea, pop idols can be torn from their perch above the rest of us plebs by such seemingly innocuous things as going on dates or taking prescription medication. For one idol, Mina of the group AOA (Ace of Angels), her involvement in a recent pornography “scandal” was entirely at the hands of others.

For those of you needing an introduction, here’s Mina holding mailed entries for an AOA contest:
Mina envelope

And here’s a similar shot of Mina used to advertise an adult service on a popular US-based XXX tube video site:
Mina tube ad

So how did a seemingly innocent 20-year-old bass playing girl group member come to be used as a promotional tool for a shady XXX business? It seems those responsible for the ad graphic found the above contest announcement video on YouTube and, seeing Mina’s curious attempt at miming a drum roll, stole, trimmed, and giffed the following crucial moment:

AOA’s record company, FNC Entertainment, reported the matter to police and, strangely, seem to have left it at that. Netizen reports are suggesting that the offending ad, stolen from a video shot when Mina was only 18, has been removed. Although perhaps they’re just adjusting the ad to correct Mina’s nationality from Chinese to Korean, but I doubt it.

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Jessie Andrews First Annual Assfucking

Jessie Andrews

Jessie Andrews doesn’t do things the conventional way. After flitting around LA and entering porn (earning herself an AVN Best Actress Award in the process), Andrews took an odd left turn and launched her own jewelry line called Bagatiba, started booking DJing gigs, and appeared in the video for Borgore’s track ‘Decisions‘ with her new pal Miley Cyrus. So, when Andrews recently announced her upcoming anal debut, a slightly unusual approach was to be expected.

Maddy O’Reilly threw porn fans into a tizzy when ‘Maddy,’ the HardX feature holding her anal debut, was released after much pomp and circumstance, only to shoot anal scenes almost immediately after ‘Maddy’s’ release for Jules Jordan, Evil Angel, Devil’s Film, and Ass Factory. Ms. O’Reilly can now be seen having her butt banged on most major hardcore networks of note, but that won’t be the case for Jessie Andrews. Signing a unique deal with Girlfriends Films, Andrews is set to start in The Gardner and will be performing her first ever anal intercourse scene in the picture. The unique element of the deal? Andrews is contractually prevented from performing another anal scene until at least one year after The Gardner’s September 2014 release. Marveling at his coup, director B. Skow told AVN he thought it was the script, not the anal itself, that made Andrews so passionate about the project that she’d surrender her chance for a huge post-anal-debut payday. The script, inspired by the handful of long-term abduction, imprisonment, and sexual abuse cases recently uncovered in the US, continues Skow’s fascinating psychological porn dramas and was, the director felt, a good fit for the multi-talented starlet.

“When we finished the script I really wanted Jessie for the main role of the kidnapped girl,” Skow said. “It was also important to have the main character do anal because I really wanted to show how she was mentally tortured. Jessie had never done anal and I brought the project to her and she liked the idea of doing anal for the first time in a feature, so we made it happen.”

Jessie Andrews can be found on Twitter and will make her anal debut for Girlfriends Films ‘The Gardner’ in September.

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Sleepover at Mena’s!

Pornstars can be a fickle lot, bickering over their similar stage names, complaining about leaked no-makeup photos, trying to bring down their management agencies from the inside, and wrestle political sway from the few that possess it. They can, on occasion, band together for the sake of safety, security, and community. Whether answering the call of public education, battling conservative censorship, or maintaining a tight-knit network of performers passing around names, numbers, and gigs, pornstar unity is truly a beautiful (and more than slightly arousing) thing. Now, expanding on the idea of superagent Mark Spiegler’s infamous flophouse, adult performer Mena Li celebrates the opening of her model house in the northern part of LA’s San Fernando Valley.

Mena Li

Offering modestly priced accommodation to performers visiting from other states, the four-bedroom house has a private driveway, laundry facilities, a full kitchen, swimming pool, televisions, broadband Internet access, and the requisite oodles of closet space. Ms. Li announced the opening of the Granada Hills earlier this week and encourages professional women to consider it. “For a girl who doesn’t live in Los Angeles, coming to town for adult work can be a lonely, very difficult experience. I know what’s like. I want to provide an affordable place for them,” said Mena. “And I want it to be much more than a house—I want it to be a community. Girls in the house can share information about the industry, ask each other for helpful advice, and bond together for fun times. These are challenging times in the adult industry, and the best way for everyone to succeed is to work together!”

Mena Li house

Accommodations can be now booked directly through Mena Li for well-below-hotel-rate nightly, weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly stays. Those of us who aren’t among the alluring future occupants of the Granada Hills model house can still contribute to the cause, though. Mena just added some pretty rad gargoyles to her Amazon Wish List; maybe you wanna buy her a nice housewarming gift!

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