Small Shaft Dude

Missy Pinks at MrPinks.comMissy Pink;

I’m nearly 37 years old, and I’ve only been with two women. Everyone says I’m handsome, I work out, have plenty of muscles, I’m more than financially stable, but, my penis size is only 4 1/2″ when totally erect. I’m ashamed, so, I avoid being with women or showering in locker rooms, knowing I’ll be humiliated. I need confidence, and inches!

Small Shaft Dude

Dear Small Shaft Dude;

First of all, let me say, there’s nothing written in stone as to a perfect size for the male penis. There are many more things that go into the attraction phase of a relationship than how far “Willy” will stretch for his target.  Yes, there are men out there with appendages that hang long and thick, and you always hear of women breaking out in a sweat when seeing their huge size, but, did you ever think that sweat may be from fear and not excitement?

Women enjoy being satisfied, but, with something very large in size, at times it’s painful more than pleasurable, too much emphasis is put on how great a man is by his manhood. You say you’re handsome, physically and financially fit, but even those qualities hold great importance in the more shallow minds. Get in touch with the kindness in your heart, the treating your girlfriend like a queen, honesty, and fidelity, those are just as stimulating as the size of your cock.

Do research on the many different sexual positions, there are ways to make 4 ½” feel like a foot when utilized correctly. Incorporate things into your foreplay that will pleasure you both, such as toys, oils, massages, and of course having a talented tongue will definitely go a long way in those lust filled moments. When a couple has mutual respect, and emotions for one another, it’s not what you’re packing in your pants in the bedroom, it’s what you display when in public. Be the man of her dreams, stop worrying about the man in her wet dreams.

As for the locker room, wrap a towel around your mid-section and let your buddies wonder how much you have hanging, no one says you have to make your privates… public. Be who you are, be proud of what you have, the rest will fall into place, possibly in a missionary style position??

Missy Pink

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