Swingin’ with Phil Varone

Phil VaronePhil Varone, the former beat-keeper for Skid Row and Saigon Kick, sure seems determined to solidify himself a career in adult entertainment. After launching his own Sex, Toys & Rock ‘n’ Roll adult novelty line and releasing Phil Varon’s Secret Sex Stash, a feature-length sex tape, the inked-up rocker now aims to introduce viewers to the swinging lifestyle.

With the recent launch of his second Swinging American Style DVD release, Vegas or Bust, Varone heads to Sin City and documents the lifestyle of real swingers, himself included, as they partner up again and again under the neon lights of the filthiest city in the USA, sexually speaking. Having joined “the lifestyle” while touring, Varone is an old hand at the anonymous couplings he documents here. Vegas or Bust introduces us to multiple couples and we follow as they board a party bus, hit up a masquerade ball, and let their freak flags fly sky high!

Calling Vegas “Mecca for swingers,” Varone seems confident his latest adults-only opus has a vital story to tell. “Because the city is a major tourist attraction,” he explained to AVN, “tons of swingers from all over the world visit Vegas and their focus is definitely on partying. The vibe is very laid back and it’s easy to get into the 24-hour-a-day action.”

I’d wager this isn’t the kind of treatment Dr. Drew had in store for Varone during the rocker’s stint on Celebrity Sex Rehab, but then, it doesn’t seem like Varone gives a shit. “Everyone is more relaxes in Vegas. We don’t know each other’s last names and keep everything anonymous. I’m one of the few that’s out in the open.” And, you know, you can’t get much more open than a Vivid Video release, can you?

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