Elegant Angel’s Performers of the Year 2013

Elegant Angel's Performers of the Year 2013Every year, at the end of the year, one of porn’s most consistently brilliant companies, Elegant Angel, releases its Performers of the Year feature, and this year it’s shaping up to be one of the best in recent memory.

Asa Akira, widely considered by fans and industry folks alike to be the breakout performer of 2012, Brooklyn Lee, winner of the 2012 AVN Award for Best New Starlet, and Lily Carter, a nominee in that same category and one of Elegant Angel’s most celebrated new performers, have been announced as the headlining cast of Performers of the Year 2013. With Ms. Carter performing her very first gangbang (with seven-men!) and what will no doubt be heavy, hardcore turns from both Lee and Akira, both of whom have shot many firsts for Elegant Angel, the release, due at the tail end of December, is sure to impress even those fans who’ve followed these girls’ careers throughout 2012 and have seen Asa in particular go from strength-to-strength. (Her Asa Akira is Insatiable 3 feature held her first double-anal and concluded her acclaimed gonzo trilogy.)

While exact details are still under wraps and the final lineup will be announced in “a couple of weeks”, the William H. directed feature is getting a DVD and Blu-Ray release just in time for the holidays. With company like this, who says you shouldn’t be alone on Christmas?

Asa Akira’s Still At It (Again)

Asa Akira at Bang BusYou’d think after taking on two not-quite-but-almost-randomly selected dudes she found in South Beach, Asa Akira would be tiring of spreading her legs for inexperienced cocksmen, no matter how well they hold up under pressure. Sure, it makes for great adult entertainment, but what about her own sense of sexual satisfaction? Neither of the first two guys focused all his attention on getting her off, instead trying their hardest to keep hard and pop without much delay. They both did a pretty good job, sure, but Asa’s first ride on the Bang Bus hasn’t ended yet and there’s some guy in board shorts walking up to the bus right now… and he recognizes the graffiti-ridden interior and Ms. Akira both! Hopefully this dude will manage to polish off what could easily be the greatest pornstar-headed Bang Bus adventure of all time and ensure Asa returns for another jaunt sometime soon.

As soon as the latest of Asa’s pseudo-suitors ambles aboard the Bang Bus, he makes it abundantly clear that he’s willing to at least try to fuck the irresistible Japanese-American AVN winner, and, since he seems like a pretty “chill” dude, he’s given his shot at porno glory. Starting again with some tender making out, things soon move from the back seat to the floor where the guy quickly moves in what most women would call the only correct direction: down.

Using every trick, technique, and tool at his disposal, our latest wannabe-pornstar not only elicits a smile and a moan from an experienced pornstar and self-avowed wanton slut, but a legitimate orgasm, too! When asked if he has managed to arouse an erection, the board-shorted beach-goer replies in the negative. That’s ok, though; Asa’s already gotten off and now gets to snuggle with her new pal, who really just seems thrilled to be on the bus at all.

Lamenting the apparent finality of her first Bang Bus appearance – during which she came twice, just not with the Angry Birds player she fucked in the middle – Asa insists she’ll be returning for another go-around and tells the Bang Bus director that this isn’t “The End,” it’s just “To be continued…”

Asa’s Second South Beach Pickup

Asa Akira Bang BusAfter regaling you, dear reader, with the details of Asa Akira’s first Bang Bus conquest, all me another brief moment to tell you all about her second. No, she’s not back for another visit to Miami; she fucked three dudes in one trip! The first, as I’m sure you’ll recall, not only managed to get hard and stay hard for the duration of his time with the multiple AVN-winning Japanese-American hottie, but managed to make a very strong impression on both Asa, who clearly wanted to snuggle after the sex, and on whoever the new guy taking over from former Bang Bus helmer Preston Parker is; such a great impression the guy was even offered a job! How could Asa follow up such a stellar selection and would this next guy manage to make her cum, too?

After a few more minutes of cruising the South Beach area, Asa and the Bang Bus crew sidled up to a beachside reserve and Asa jumped out, ran up to, and promptly enticed to the graffiti-laden inside of the Bus a guy so nerdy even the usually very polite Ms. Akira made a joke or two at the expense of his apparent addiction to Angry Birds. Once aboard the bus, this new dude – let’s call him Shades; watch the scene and you’ll see why – seemed pleased as punch to be sitting next to a pornstar whose work he knew and enjoyed, but he seemed reluctant to make the first move. Leave that to Asa!

After some rather romantic making out – aww, ain’t lil’ Asa just an ol’ softie? – they get down to business and, while this newest cock wrangler might not be as impressively skilled as his predecessor, he nevertheless manages to pound that pus’ quite well from behind before unloading on Asa’s finely-formed ass. Sure, this guy didn’t manage to make her cum, but he still put in a more capable performance than Herr Director predicted; as he remarked to Asa after the pop, “I think it’s you.” No shit, dude. No shit.

Can you imagine being the third guy pulled into a dirty white van and given a chance to fuck one of the two or three greatest adult performers currently working? What if you couldn’t get it up? What if you could, you know, feel that you’re not the first or even the second guy to be inside this insanely hot and insatiably horny women? Would you give up you spot in line or stick around and make the most of the situation just for the chance to hang out on the fucking BANG BUS with fucking ASA AKIRA?

The last guy, well, let’s see what he goes through in the last of this three-part wrap-up of the only Bang Bus scene this reviewer has ever, ever watched from boring-ass beginning to messy, messy end. Next time, fellas. Next time.

Asa Akira Fucks South Beach (Part One)

When a site has been in operation as long as the infamous Bang Bus, flagship site of the Bang Bros network, it must be hard to keep things exciting. Sure, you grab your driver and cruise around Miami’s South Beach looking for girls who’ll fuck before they’ll shake hands, but even fucking an endless stream of allegedly randomly selected young hotties gets tired after a while. Hell, even the Bang Bus episodes that switch things up and put a genuine pornstar babe in the proverbial navigators seat can get a little samey after a while. So what do you do when you’re a Bang Bro on the Bang Bus who’s finding that things just aren’t as thrilling as they once were? Why, bring in Asa Akira, of course!


One of the porn industry’s most adventurous performers, notable names, and bankable hardcore stars, Japanese-American fuck-bunny Asa Akira took a seat in the back of that legendary white van a while back and this week saw the induction of her inaugural jaunt ’round South Beach in search of everyday guys who can get it up and fulfill her rampant sexual desire on camera. The scene in question, simply titled “Asa Akira Rides the Bang Bus!“, hit the network homepage on Wednesday and has already been viewed some 48,000 times. A staggering feat, to be sure, but not quite as impressive as Asa’s activities in the scene itself. Speaking of…

From the moment she is picked up by whoever has replaced ex-gay-for-pay performer, Facial Fest head honcho, and former Bang Bus boss, Preston Parker, Asa shows how deep her sluttiness runs by whipping out her tits and flashing her ass, even before she has managed to amble aboard. Taking to the streets and fending off advances from her camera-wielding host, this multiple AVN Award winner soon finds her first conquest.

The lucky guy Asa picks up quickly agrees to be the first to pound her pussy behind the tinted windows of the Bang Bus and, boy, he does a damn good job, too! After a little prompting from their host, Asa and her new found friend start passionately, slowly making out and keep at it for quite a while. As soon as she pulls his cock out, though, things get much more explicit. As any fan of Ms. Akira knows, she can suck and fuck like nobody else on Earth and she proves that here by giving this lucky bastard the ride of his life. Sweating it out together behind the fogged windows of the overheating van, Asa even comes as her partner pushes his cock deeper and deeper inside her cleanly shaven cunt. After spending a few minutes snuggling, and after she compliments this able bodied young chap on his fantastic sexual technique, and after Mr. Bang Bus makes sure to get the guys number for a future casting opportunity, the team unloads their cargo and goes in search of another guy who’ll try to get Asa and himself off.

Yeah, that’s right, folks, this is only the first encounter Asa enjoyed during her first Bang Bus ride. The others? Well they’re a tale for another blog. Until next time, check out this tantalizing image torn from Ms. Akira’s virgin Bang Bus venture and tell me you’re not booking a flight to Miami right fucking now!

Asa Akira Bang Bus

Asa Akira’s Analsex August

Asa Akira

Everyone’s favorite Asian-American multi-AVN winner, Asa Akira, posted on her Twitter page at the beginning of the month that simply said “It’s here! It’s here! Analsex August. Day one.” With her recent progression into extremely hardcore assfucking scenes and double-penetrations, one has to wonder just where this particular human fucking machine can go next.

Subsequent tweets from Asa spoke of “Analsex on Saturdays”, “Humancentipeding”, being “open for business”, and declared that “double anal is the new anal!” Geez, talk about throwing yourself into your work! Those still left wondering whether Asa’s marking a new, far more hardcore chapter in her career or just enjoying her last few bouts of pre-marital sex with her new fiancee, Rocco Reed, need only to turn to this preview of Elegant Angel’s Superstar September, which proudly boasts headline titles from Asa and her fellow pro-fuckers Gracie Glam, Kagney Linn Karter, and Kelly Divine, with every one of these incredible performers breaking new ground. None, of course, go as far as Asa. Her “Analsex August” simply must be a month-long shoot for EA and we can expect to see her pop both her double-vaginal and double-anal cherries in the highly anticipated Asa Akira is Insatiable 2.