Joanna Angel’s Bubblegum Dungeon

Once news broke that Joanna Angel would be stepping back from her duties as Chief Everything Officer of Burning Angel, the company she co-founded back in 2002, to take on performing and directing gigs at other studios, many fans started dreaming up their wish lists of where they’d most like to see Joanna go next. Once her affiliation with Adult Time was cemented, it was clear the new super vendor would be the perfect place for just about any Angel-directed venture. Leave it to Ms. Angel to create something virtually unheard of, almost unimaginable but instantly recognizable as a necessary evolution in porn.

BubbleGum Dungeon

Not much is yet known about the forthcoming Bubblegum Dungeon mini-series, let alone its exact release date. Set to debut on Adult Time sometime this fall, Bubblegum Dungeon sees Angel helm the perfect amalgamation of the cartoonish and the kinky, two parts of her porno personality that made Burning Angel such a groundbreaking success. Taking your typical dungeon-set BDSM scenarios and ditching the black leather, the studded straps, and the overtones of ritual sacrifice to instead thrust today’s most daring young BDSM performers into a hyper-colored, sex-positive, fantasy fuck-fest, Angel and her colleagues Bree Mills (executive producer) and Frank Stacy (producer) could be bringing about a resurgence of interest in BDSM porn. Devoid of the trappings of darkness and abuse, this new brightly colored carnal candyland will see Gia Derza lead a cast of daring subs as they aim to change the perception of what bondage is really, truly all about.

Bubblegum Dungeon arrives at Adult Time this fall.

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Joanna & Lola: Angels and Demons

Before it was acquired by Gamma Entertainment, Joanna Angel appeared to make one last grand gesture of thanks to her fans and to her studio mates before focusing her creative energies on new arenas. That gift, a three-scene group sex extravaganza entitled ‘Joanna Angel Gangbang: As Above, So Below’ saw the departing Burning Angel boss lady first entertain a troupe of kinky circus performers with a plug-heavy masturbation session. For what is ostensibly a “solo” scene, Angel creates an atmosphere of communal kink that suggests the best, the busiest, and the most fierce sex is yet to come.

Burning Angel

For a veteran DP performer like Joanna, a team of five premiere porn studs, white boys one and all, is barely a stretch. But when they’re aiming for her holes two at a time, she extends her impressive range even further to take double-vaginal, double-anal, and triple-penetration from Steve Holmes, Bill Bailey, Markus Dupree, John Strong, and Mick Blue. Finished with the white boys, Joanna makes the (porno) logical leap to a more intense level. Isiah Maxwell, Prince Yahshua, and Ricky Johnson throw their BBCs at Joanna in her final ‘As Above, So Below’ scene, filling her holes in classic airtight DP fashion. Although there is no DPP, DAP, or TP in this last scene, it’s still an all out epic gangbang and one of Joanna’s finest ever recorded.

As if to signal a slight changing of the guards at BA HQ, a sequel to Ms. Angel’s multi-award winning gangbang epic was announced in early 2019. This time, the woman going under the horny hammer of a gang of guys would not be a veteran making a claim for her continued relevance but a newcomer out to prove herself a future porno legend. Lola Fae spends the first half of her gangbang feature, also titled ‘As Above, So Below’ on her knees, surrounded by cocks swung at face height by this Queen of Hearts’s loyal subjects. For her second scene, her first billed gangbang, Ms. Fae is thrown into a sordid and dimply lit realm with only five cloaked men and their roaring erections for company. After taking a serious multi-orifice pounding, the feisty but tiny redhead is blasted one-by-one by the boys and left sweating, shaking and splattered in cum.

If this is the kind of smut Burning Angel will be producing now that Joanna is diversifying her time and interests, fans should be thrilled! Both Joanna Angel and Lola Fae’s ‘As Above, So Below’ gangbangs are now available from Burning Angel and Adult Time.

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Roleplay With GirlsWay

For a number of years now, GirlsWay has been known as a premiere destination for anyone seeking creative, carnal, and beautifully photographed all-female porn. Hell, yours truly recently published a review saying exactly that! One of the more notable elements of GirlsWay’s roaring critical, commercial, and fan success is its dedication to trying out new concepts, styles, and approaches in mini-series form. With Maid for Each Other, A Dirty Cinderella Story, and Sorority Rush Week and other series now concluded, fans have been aching for the next all-female fucking adventure to arrive. Only this time, last year’s glowingly received fantasy series Roleplay With Me is being revived by Eli Cross and Casey Calvert.

GirlsWay - Roleplay With Me

The three latest installments of Roleplay With Me boast an all-star cast: Aidra Fox with Cassidy Klein, Adriana Chechik with Riley Reid, and Bree Daniels with Demi Sutra. Cast as an exhibitionist wife and the erotic photographers he’s hired to shoot her and her husband, Fox and Clein make great use of their alone time when hubby texts to say he won’t make their appointment. One of GirlsWay’s hottest and most adventurous pairings, Chechik and Reid play a woman home alone and the criminal intent on robbing her fancy suburban home. Obviously the little sneak gets caught and the consequences are desperately carnal. Bree Daniels shows Demi Sutra the GirlsWay ropes in easily the most roleplay-focused of the three scenes. When Demi turns up at Bree’s door wearing a barely-there girl scout’s uniform, she inspires nothing but laughter in her lover. After insisting she stay in character Demi lets slip a “Yes, ma’am” here, a “No, ma’am” there and soon enough the duo’s breasts are colliding on the sofa.

In typical GirlsWay style, performance and narrative are given equal importance to the sex. And with the added layer of meta performance to each roleplay experiment these lesbian couples embark upon, this almost seems like GirlsWay at its apex! If one thing is for certain though, it’s that GirlsWay never rests on its laurels long.

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