Toe Temptation

Missy Pinks at MrPinks.comDear Missy Pink;

My boyfriend and I have been together for nearly 2 years, so we’ve gotten through the stage of taking the dirty pictures and telling each other what really excites us without embarrassment. My problem is, I LOVE foot fetish action, and he doesn’t. Having my toes sucked, and even having him rub against my feet is such a turn on, but, he thinks feet shouldn’t be a part of the sexual act, what can I do to change his mind, he doesn’t understand just how much I like this.

Toe Temptation

Dear Temptation:

Well, I have to start out by saying, the fact you and your partner are open enough to talk about things is definitely a “foot” in the door to a healthy relationship. It seems that everything else is pleasing, it’s just this one issue standing in your way of feeling completely satisfied. Foot fetish is not for everyone, in fact, I’ve known quite a few people that are completely turned off by feet, it’s as if they have this stigma in their mind of them being dirty and disgusting, because we walk on them.

Take showers together, needless to say, a lot of erotic enjoyment can stem from that act, but he can also see how well you clean your feet. Don’t skimp on the soap, really lather them up and make sure they sparkle. Get a pedicure, buff them, slather on the lotion, whatever it takes to make them appealing. Start out slow, maybe by using your toes to tickle his testicles now and then, a little fancy footwork while stretched across those cotton sheets may just excite him.

Make them more of your sexual appearance, wear open-toed sandals, an ankle bracelet, make his eyes draw to your dogs, but don’t let them bark too loudly until you think he’s ready. When he’s in the mood, make sure you assume the missionary position, lift those legs high and happily into the air, as he grabs your ankles, you wiggle those little piggy’s until he squeals with delight. As the passion builds, move them closer to his face, let him see they’re nothing to be afraid of, but instead, he may just wrap a tongue around the one that went to market, and in doing so, you’ll be the one crying, “Wee-wee-wee” all the way home to an orgasm!


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