Wear Evil on Your Sleeve

EVIL by Ricky Carralero

If you really love a particular band, you can advertise that fact with a t-shirt. If you really love Nike’s shoes, you can brand yourself with a chest-mounted tick motif and show the world how you don’t think and instead “Just Do It”. Hell, if you’re immensely proud of the fact that you partake in the United States democratic process, you can even promote the act of voting with an “I Voted” sticker on election day. But what do you do if you want to tell the world how much you enjoy the work of a particular pornography studio? If studio in question is Evil Angel, well, now there’s a solution.

Preparing to officially launch in the near future, Evil Angel’s latest endeavor, a clothing line sporting artwork designed by a longtime fan, may not yet be ready for public purchases but after giving fans and industry bodies a sneak peek at the recent International Lingerie Show, which took place at the Rio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas on April 8-10. The artist, Ricky Carralero, came to Evil Angel by submitting original artworks for publication in EA head honcho John Stagliano’s Buttman Magazine. That artwork later ended up on some t-shirts and impressed Stagliano enough to warrant launching a new venture for his massively successful Evil Angel brand. The clothing line, which includes t-shirts for men and women, and tank tops, leggings, and camel-toe panties for women, each item boasting Carralero’s tattoo-style paintings, will be officially unleashed on consumers in a few months time, once Stagliano and crew “see what works and what doesn’t”.

EVIL by Ricky Carralero

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