Getting Friendly with 4MyCams


Live sexual interactions have been the domain of webcam performers and their viewers since the very first low-res digital video capture device toppled from its monitor and disrupted a masturbation show, but now the adult industry is seeing the runaway success of a few choice cam sites, dozens of amateur models and performers on the verge of becoming superstars, and a technological thrust that is becoming more convenient, more realistic, and more enjoyable with every passing month. Among the crop of new webcam sites aiming to connect you with a salacious and flirtatious local or foreigner is 4MyCams a mammoth site gathering cam feeds from the foxiest online performers in Europe, Asia, the Americas, even Africa.

Live 4MyCams performers can be viewed in 870×500 pixel frames as they pose for their fans, field personal questions, dance around the room, and eventually undress for some more scandalous activity. Private sessions come at a cost but free previews abound at 4MyCams. All new registrants receive 10 free credits with which to sample some rooms and performers, and there’s a wide variety to choose from, too. Athletic American girls and thick-bodied African beauties, suburban MILFs and downtown hipsters, and women from almost every European nation, 18-22 year olds and “mommies” sucking dildos, riding vibes, filling their asses, and cumming hard for your live, interactive entertainment.

Many 4MyCams performers allow two-way video or audio, allowing you to share shots of your own self-pleasure as they do the same. Interactivity is limited to those with Premium 4MyCams memberships, but even Basic subscribers can enjoy a bevy of free content. Premium access brings you the two-way camping, offline messaging, surprise gifting, and the ability to take models into private chat rooms for more intimate entertainment. Each performer’s profile page lists what they’re willing to do on camera (anal, striptease, smoking, squirting, toys etc) as well as their basic bio stats. A search tool points you towards girls (or guys or trans performers) bound to tickle your fancy, allowing you to narrow down your hunt by language, age, ethnicity, body type, style/appearance, hair color and type, and breast size.

Payment is always a little disconcerting at cam sites: are you being tricked into loading up your account with useless but costly credits? 4MyCams runs a pretty standard operation in this regard, selling members credit packages ranging in price and size from 17.99 credits for $21.99 to 157.99 credits for $161.99 (with higher tiers offering nifty bonuses). The performer roster is clear and easy to browse, giving viewers many different people and atmospheres to interact with. As with almost all adult cam sites, what you see and how much fun you have depends largely on you finding a performer you really dig, someone as captivating as you are ready to be captivated by the allure of a woman, once a stranger, now beamed onto your screen and into your lap from the other side of the world by 4MyCams.


Spicy Webcams Heats Up!

Variety, it has often been said, is the spice of life. That same is true, of course, when you limit your view to pornography. Without the occasional double-anal, ten-guy blowbang, or lesbian fisting sessions, porn would be rather dull and repetitive, merely presenting the same sexual situations over and over, only the performers and scenarios changing. Webcam porn, however, is at its very core an adaptable medium allowing both performer and customer the chance to tailor a show to their specific tastes and requirements. And, with plenty of new webcam sites hitting the WiFi-waves every few months, pornographic variety has never been stronger. At Spicy Webcams, it’s also never been quite this hot!


Spicy Webcams seems determined to overcome its relative inexperience as a new addition to the webcam world, promising its visitors a free membership that allows basic chatting and viewing of cams. In short, the perfect enticement to check out Spicy Webcams for yourself. As I do with most new cam sites that appear, I signed up and took a look through Spicy Webcams’ models and shows, finding a strong mix of nationalities, languages, physical types, and personalities on display. From GrannyInBed to BritneyBootyXO, from StrictUKMistress to KimmyLoves2Play, all models are granted profile pages often filled with saucy photos, personal comments, and even prerecorded cam shows available to all members in good standing.

And, hey, if you wanna feel like the most sexually experience man on Earth, bide your time and choose the right room and you’ll soon find yourself in the company of fellow members eager to confess their virginal inexperience and ineptitude to their chosen cam girl. Conversely, you also get the occasional dickhead saying rude and insulting things to the models just to get a reaction. Ignore your more obnoxious fellows, y’all, and set a good example by treating models with respect and courtesy as you pay them to debase themselves in your honor.

Spicy Webcams Frequent Fucker Program rewards those repeat customers who spend a significant amount on tokens to tip and take private their favorite gals. A bit more information about the rewards program would be very helpful, but Spicy Webcams has basically laid it out as follows: every time you purchase credits (€1 ea.) you’re given bonus miles (approximately one mile per ten credits purchased). When you’ve amassed ten bonus miles you become a Sexy Silver member and receive mild bonuses and discounts. After Silver comes Sexy Gold and finally Sexy Platinum, which earns devoted viewers 200 bonus credits, a 5% credit bonus with every purchase, and Happy Hour webcam shows for only 20¢-per-min.


With more and more people, porn fans and newly interested adults both, flocking to webcam sites to get their virtual rocks off, Spicy Webcams’ loyalty program could be the clincher that puts it over other new cam sites. Personally, I’m looking forward to coming back in a month or two and seeing what new models have arrived. Those already camming their panties off at Spicy Webcams do represent a range of styles, kinds, and personalities – and there’s certainly plenty of ’em, more than 800 online at a given time – but once the highly-motivated self-employed entrepreneurial webcammers find their place here, Spicy Webcams will really hit its stride.

Face-to-Face with FapShows

fapshows adult webcams

Upstart adult webcam sites are popping up like non-profits these days. Filled with naked and semi-naked women and men of all ages, singles and couples and trios and groups, library-sullying, dildo-deepthroating, Sybian-riding money-maker-shakers great and small, established cam sites like Chaturbate, I’mLive, and LiveJasmin have enjoyed significant growth and success, both deservedly and undeservedly, since 2012. The wave of new contenders arriving in the wake of this flurry of webcam mania don’t seem to be expanding on the basic premise of adult camming – they take off their clothes and viewers tip their appreciation; big tips result in big return favors, sometimes “private” ones –  just refining it to their own particular tastes. Such is the case with one particular upstart of only three months experience: FapShows.

Simplicity is key at FapShows, but that’s not at all a slight. A streamlined layout, free basic membership options, large descriptive previews, and a straightforward payment system without major hiccups. What detriments FapShows’ simplicity brings depend largely on your perspective. Many webcam devotees enjoy a bustling room with a talkative, physically active model really putting on a solidly entertaining show. FapShows is more sedate, however, which happily translates for many viewers into more direct communication with their preferred performers; more often here there’s five, rather than five hundred, in a room.

Some hiccups do knock the wind out of an otherwise smooth FapShows experience: models occasionally appear ‘online’ though they are not; avatars don’t always look like the model they’re representing; category menus start rampantly eating up page space upon opening; and there’s no obvious way to limit your list of available live shows by more than one category, which is crucial if you’re into, say, busty tattooed Asian MILFs. That said, the women (only women, I’m afraid) I encountered at FapShows were quite charming, eager to start chatting, and seemed interested in more than keeping you hanging endlessly around with funds fading faster than your arousal. Hailing predominantly from Central and Eastern Europe, the women, men, and couples found here generally speak solid English and if they’re not immediately enticing you into a private cam-to-cam chat, they’ll be happy to converse while flirting. (Though there is the odd performer incapable of leaving their phone alone; it’s an epidemic amongst camgirls, unfortunately.)

It’s January and the post-holiday fatigue has set in, keeping the erotic interests of many firmly indoors; the bitter cold pushing across the USA doesn’t exactly help. That makes this the perfect time for indulging in a little sexual social-networking and lining up some new on-screen friends for the new year. There’s sites large and small, chaotic and serene with personalities and physicalities of all kinds to be befriended. And, at $1.99-a-minute, a private date at FapShow with DiamondLady, is arguably as worthwhile a way to spend your paycheck as a six or eight gimlets and some sweet potato fries at the pseudo-retro trendoid “saloon” to which your date inevitably will drag you with promises of an swinging, boozy “special experience” that never eventuates.

Sure, it’s digital, but you can’t have everything.