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Happy and Horny Housewife

Dear Missy Pink; I hope my letter falls under the criteria of what you offer advice for, it’s not really a sexual issue between my husband and I, but it is sexual about myself. I guess I would be considered … Continue reading

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Vicky Vette, Legal Eagle

Ok, so Vicky Vette may not actually be a bar association member or legal professional of any kind, but she is quite crafty with a lawsuit. On March 29 2012, a Los Angeles court denied a motion by AdultFriendFinder and … Continue reading

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Idols Romp in Playboy Mansion

While you sit at home lazing on the sofa dreaming about nabbing a chance to not just step foot inside the Playboy Mansion, Hugh Hefner’s den of deliciously deviant behavior and some of the wildest parties Hollywood has ever known, … Continue reading

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Tie a Flesh-toned Ribbon

The economy, the Republican candidates for nomination, birth control, abortion, immigration, gas prices, off-shore drilling, American Idol, and tom-ay-to or tom-ah-to: these are some of the highly contentious and controversial issues we all have to adopt a stance on sooner … Continue reading

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Ten Thousand Little Piggies

As I was kicking around YouTube the other day, taking in a few slowed-down clips of K-Pop girl groups’ dance routines, videos of French late-sixties model, actress, and singer, Zouzou, as well as some infuriatingly slow DIY computer maintenance tutorials, … Continue reading

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