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A Week of Crimson

Whether you’re a devoted student of The Art of Blowjob or not, anyone into fellatio porn – so everyone, right? –  knows who Camille Crimson is and knows that she gives mind-blowing oral pleasure to her beau, Mike, on the … Continue reading

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Smurfing Around with Hustler

Of all notable pop culture properties, few are less overtly sexual than The Smurfs. The Muppets have that dominating vixen Miss Piggy and even the Teletubbies offered up some rather sexual imagery (those things on their heads sure seemed phallic … Continue reading

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A Deeper, Darker Shade of Grey

Two weeks ago, I blogged about the latest literary sensation to cause shock waves throughout the entertainment world, Fifty Shades of Grey, and things have only become more interesting since then, especially in the adult industry. In the first of … Continue reading

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Le Petite Revenge

It looks like AMKingdom might just be the lucky adult entertainment company to come away with this seasons biggest smash as the company’s high profile release, Revenge of the Petites, has now sold out of its entire first printing. Overwhelmingly … Continue reading

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Living In The Past

Dear Missy Pink, I have been beating myself up for months and I need some advice on how wrong I’m being, or if I’m just normal. If I sound desperate, it’s because I am. I was in a relationship with … Continue reading

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