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Dat Haircut!

A rather odd trend has been sweeping the porn industry of late and it doesn’t concern puckering anuses, cum-covered faces, Nacho Vidal, or ill-advised tattoos. Nope, this time a haircut is what’s got pornstars engaging in gossip circles, trading styling … Continue reading

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Against Her!

A few notable exceptions aside, rock ‘n’ roll is generally considered a man’s game, and heavy rock is especially male dominated. Babes in Toyland might have been one of the most ferocious punk bands of the last twenty-five years but … Continue reading

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Earth’s Horniest Heroes

Unless you’ve been living under a drunken haze these past few months, you’re surely aware that a little comicbook movie about a team of mighty heroes in tight costumes called The Avengers just opened to record box office takings with … Continue reading

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Sara Jay v Brazzers v Sara Jay

When you stumble across a blog purporting to belong to a notable adult performer, how seriously do you consider the possibility that the person behind said blog not only isn’t the performer in question, but not even a manager, agent, … Continue reading

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Sickened By Show-Offs

Dear Missy Pink; I’m sure you hear a lot of odd questions coming across your desk, but I have an issue that has me at my wits end trying to figure out how to handle it. I’ve always considered myself … Continue reading

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