Riley Steele Bows Out

Riley SteeleIn the second shock announcement from the Digital Playground camp in two days, Riley Steele has joined her fellow DP contract performer BiBi Jones and left not just DP, but the adult entertainment industry altogether.

After being urged by Jesse Jane to enter the adult industry at a signing for the best-selling Pirates release, Riley Steele (born Brittni Anne Palmer in 1987), jump headlong into her new career by signing an exclusive contract with the studio that produced Pirates, Digital Playground. From her first role in that film’s sequel, Pirates II: Stagnetti’s Revenge in 2008 to a gig co-hosting the 2011 AVN Awards and even supporting roles in TV series Life on Top and Adult Swim’s NTSF: SD: SUV, it seemed Riley was made for life in front of the camera, preferably without clothes. Then, only a few days ago, she followed Jones in announcing her retirement. Citing unfulfilled promises from the industry, a tearful Brittni Palmer took to MobyPicture to post a brief video explaining the reasons for her departure.

Where this leaves Digital Playground, now without two of its biggest stars, remains to be seen. Whatever the case, we here at Mr. Pink’s wish the former Riley Steele all the best in her new career and new life, but, with AVN Awards for 2011 Crossover Star of the Year, all four 2012 fan-voted categories, and a burgeoning mainstream entertainment career, it’s hard to imagine she’ll stay hidden for long.

TSA Saves Airline Passengers from Huge Dick

A rather odd tale of air travel security popped up on Huffington Post this week, telling of a man who was temporarily detained and question by TSA agents after they detected an abnormal, uh, package in his trousers.

Jonah Flacon

Brooklyn’s Jonah Falcon, an actor with uncredited roles in such films as Death to Smoochy, City by the Sea, The Good Shepherd, and A Beautiful Mind, was slowly making his way through a security checkpoint at San Francisco International Airport on July 9th when a TSA agent noticed the prominent bulge in his pants and decided it was time to pull out that ol’ “Sir, that cock is weapon,” line. Only the agent was unaware of who he was dealing with. Falcon is, after all, the owner of the world’s largest recorded penis. At 13.5″, Falcon’s member was even large enough to cause the rumor mill to falsely claim his father was none other than porn legend, John Holmes.

Falcon told HuffPo that he had packed his own belongings carefully “to the left” and that he wasn’t erect “at the time”. After an agent inquired as to the contents of his pockets, Falcon admitted that they were empty. The next step was to haul Falcon and his hidden anatomical marvel into an x-ray body scanner and through a metal detector. Still puzzled, another agent of the TSA asked Falcon if he had some kind of abnormal growth. The agents even applied some powder to Falcon’s pants in order to detect whether or not the mysterious package was of a threatening nature. Eventually giving up the search for answers, the agents set Falcon off to his gate, where he made his flight without delay.

Now, this could be a thoroughly embarrassing situation for any number of reasons, but for Falcon, it was a laughable affair and a lesson he’ll take with him on all future travels. “I’m just gonna wear bike shorts from now on,” he said. “That way they’ll know. You’d think the San Francisco TSA would have had experience with hung guys before, but I guess not.”

Harmony Rose: From ATM to EMT

Harmony RoseRetired adult performer Harmony Rose, star of Blame It On Daddy, Dual Invasion, and Bitch Bangin’ Bitch #1, recently started training as a volunteer EMT (Emergency Medical Technician). Now, you’d think that the Cave Spring Rescue Squad would welcome with open arms any 29-year-old woman eager to freely give her time, skills, and energy to helping them save lives, but that hasn’t been the reaction of some officials in Roanoake, VA.

After learning of the unusual former occupation of Ms. Rose, now known by her birth name, Tracy Rolan, Fire Chief Rich Burch was so befuddled he had to turn to his higher-ups for guidance, specifically the Office of the County Attorney. As reported by Huffington Post, Attorney Paul M. Mahoney responded in a letter stating that Roanoke County generally did not involve itself in the decisions of volunteer squads, but also added “Anything that results in public ridicule of the volunteer squads… must be avoided.”

After what certainly sounded like a tacit endorsement of Ms. Rolan’s would-be dismissal, it might surprise you to learn that even in the seemingly conservative Virginian community she joined after leaving porn, the former Screamin’ for Semen star has not been cast out by the townspeople as some sort of modern day Frankenstein’s Whore and instead has found an outpouring of support for her new career path, support visible on, of all places, a news station with a contextually hilarious name: WDBJ7. The station’s Facebook page has been inundated with supportive notes by those both for and against pornography, each one proudly insisting that they’d have no objection to having their life saved by a woman who once roomed with Tory Lane, licked Sandra Romain’s ass on air with Howard Stern, and was nominated for two Best All-Girl Group Sex Scene AVN Awards. After all, if they require the attention of an EMT, they’ve likely got bigger problems than Harmony’s past in porn.