Wardrobe Malfunction

Missy Pinks at MrPinks.comDear Missy Pink,

I might be a bit old to be writing to you, but would appreciate your advice. I’m 53 years old, have been employed with the same company for nearly 30 years. I’ve worked my way up the ladder and felt the stress of having the responsibility and what feels like the weight of the world on my shoulders every day for so long, I’ve tried everything to de-stress after a long day. I finally found what does it.

My wife is involved with many clubs and volunteer services, meaning her evenings are normally filled with one activity or another, leaving me with the house to myself. One night, I was bored, trying to think of anything but work and noticed a pair of her panties folded in the laundry basket. I’m not sure what drove me to do it, but I tried them on. The second the silkiness touched my genitalia, it was like a soothing effect unlike anything I’d ever experienced. I wore them around the house, watched TV, had a cold beer, even did some office work while wearing them, and it felt wonderful. Over the last couple of years I’ve now begun wearing her panties, bras, skirts and blouses. It’s hard to express – but, when I take off my work suit and slip into those comfortable, knit, cotton or silk items, it’s as if the world can’t get to me, I’m relaxed.

I’ve never told my wife, even though I’ve wanted to, thinking how nice it would be to share this, especially so I could feel this comfort on the nights she’s home, I truly miss the freedom when not able to fill those few hours with a refreshing style. I don’t think I’m actually a cross-dresser, and I’ve never really had gay thoughts, I’m not sure what I am.

Wardrobe Malfunction

Dear Wardrobe Malfunction;

First of all, take a deep breath. Enjoying the feel of feminine clothing against your body does not insinuate that you’re gay or anything else, it just means you’ve found what we women have known for quite some time, now and then, female attire can be liberating. There’s nothing like spending a rainy weekend afternoon in just panties and a sports-bra, it is as you said, very comfortable. Yes, there are times when donning the hosiery, high heels and office attire suits can be binding and a nuisance, leaving us hardly able to wait to get home, just to shed the layers and utter a sigh of relief.

For anyone that has a high powered job, loaded with responsibilities, there needs to be an outlet, something to keep the balance to save sanity. In your case, I think it may be a combination of a couple things, the first one being, the comfort itself of the clothing, your weighed down all day by shirt and tie, so, to sleep into a non-confining skirt and soft bra, it’s like a breath of fresh air. And, there’s also the thought of it being almost liberating for you. When you drop the boxer shorts and slip into the silk panties, you don’t feel like the worrier of the world’s best interest any more, you lose yourself into a new persona, and when you don’t feel like….you, then you don’t have all of the issues that normally fill your mind.

You know your wife better than anyone, if you feel she would understand, then by all means, share with her, that’s what marriage, any type of binding relationship is all about. If you’re afraid she would not understand and it would create a riff, then bide your time, there will come a day when you can share. I just don’t recommend allowing her to find out by walking in on you dressed as her sister, it might not be understood at all in a scenario such as that.

Also, toss those thoughts of thinking you’re a cross-dresser, or being gay out of your mind, this is merely your way of venting and kudos to you for finding an outlet. It might help a bit more if you were to do some shopping for yourself, you’re relying on your wife’s style, go to the store, pick out something pretty and comfortable just for you. My advice would be….always get control top panty hose, and black is slimming!

Fred Willard: Busted for Beat-Off

Remember when Paul “Pee-Wee Herman” Ruebens was busted for masturbating in a Florida porn theater back in 1991 and how it all but ruined his career for a good eight or nine years? Well, Fred Willard, star of TV’s Fernwood Tonight and Modern Family, and films like Anchorman and Best in Show, is facing the same crisis of celebrity after also being found beating-off in Hollywood Tiki Theater, a theater screening adult movies, by LAPD officers.

Willard was arrested on July 18 after an LAPD officer conducting a “walk-through” in the theater allegedly found the comedian engaging in a “lewd act”. While many news outlets have been reporting the act as masturbation, plain and simple, Willard offered his version of events on Twitter.

The film in question? Well, at the time of his arrest Willard would’ve been watching one of three movies playing on a rotating schedule: Follow Me 2 (Evil Angel), Official The Client List Parody (Zero Tolerance), or Relax He’s My Stepdad 2 (Combat Zone). Instead of venturing out into (relative) public world to, uh, enjoy himself with a porn movie, perhaps Willard should’ve stayed home. That’s the sentiment behind an offer from Gamelink, an adult video-on-demand service; an offer of a lifetime supply of V.O.D. minutes and a free masturbator sex toy of his choice.

Man, maybe I should start beating off in theaters, too!

Charley’s Amazing Anal Debut

Elegant Angel - Charley ChaseWhen we shared the news of Charley Chase’s impending anal debut back almost a month ago to the day, all of us here at Mr. Pink’s knew the scene in question would be quality. After all, there are few pornstars as obviously in love with their work as Charley Chase. Watching her slide a ten-inch dick down her throat and manage a smile as she drools all over her own tits has been a marvel. Seeing her ride a parade of guys with more energy, consistency, and pure sexual power than any of her contemporaries (save perhaps for Asa Akira), has been a genuine treat in an industry so often regarded as humiliating, debasing, and misogynist. Charley Chase clearly loves her work, but the long lead up to her anal debut and the numerous setbacks she spoke of on her blog started to give us all reasons to think it’d never happen. Then the announcement came from Elegant Angel that Charley would not only open her previously unplundered rear passage in Big Wet Asses #21, she’d also grace the cover. Anticipation, dear reader, hit feverish new heights.

It would clearly be best for all concerned if you hustled over to Elegant Angel and caught a glimpse of Charley’s asshole in action, but let me tell you right now that it was absolutely worth the wait. Paired with Manuel Ferrara, who can only be called a master of anal inductions, Charley set the pace by leaping on top of the Frenchman, butt plug already firmly in place, and making out like a nympho in heat. Ferrara starts slapping her ass before Charley pulls back and lays one of her signature deepthroats on him. She looks up and establishes the magnificent eye contact the two maintain throughout the scene then tells Ferrara, “Your cock is mine. For whatever I want, wherever I want.” I won’t blame you if you don’t make it past this point, but what follows is not just one of the hottest and most authentic sex scenes of the year thus far, anal or otherwise, but easily Charley’s most voraciously carnal scene and quite possibly one of the greatest butt-fuck extravaganzas since the advent of Internet porn. Hyperbole, be damned!

Still need convincing? Any scene that sees Charley Chase go from the glamorous model with bedroom eyes to the quivering, sweating, panting pile of spent sexual energy you see below is more than a worthwhile viewing, it’s downright essential.

Charley Chase

Now, Charley just has to fulfill her promise to bring plenty more anal to her official website, where I’m sure fans are already salivating in anticipation. Hell, Charley probably is, too!