Blow or No – Missy Pink’s Sex Advice

Missy Pinks at MrPinks.comMissy Pink,

I’m tired of my sex life being one sided! I’m 32, married to a 35 yr old male, and I’m growing weary of his selfish ways. H e always tells me that he can’t have intercourse unless I’ve gone down on him for awhile first, says that’s what leads up to the excitement. Ok, I do it, I don’t mind, but he never returns the favor for me, he says to do that to a woman is not natural! If I refuse to give him oral sex, he refuses sex all together. I’m disgusted with the double standards, can you help me?

– Blow or No

Dear Blow or No;

I can understand your frustration, and in many relationships there is a double standard as you call it, whether be intentional or unintentional, it still exists and will create barriers in more than the bedroom.

Working for many years in the adult field, I’ve heard things that have shocked and enlightened, me, maybe I can pass on some of what I’ve learned to help you.  Some people, male and female alike, see oral sex as being something dirty and disgusting, stretching back to their youth when one of the things they heard their parents say the most, “Don’t put that in your mouth, you don’t know where it’s been!” It creates a stigma, which means when there’s love and lust between two people, sometimes you need to find a way to break it.

If you know the evening is going to turn romantic, add extra foreplay in the form of showering together. Let him see for himself just how clean you are in the lower region, allow him to lather his fingers and slide through your vaginal area, giving him the control of knowing he’s cleaning you as well. This may help “wash away” some of his inhibitions. Take your time, don’t expect one night to revert him into being a horny hound for apply tongue to pussy action. Patience truly is a virtue, even in sex. While you’re licking and sucking on him, gradually work your body over onto his, placing yourself into a 69 position, show him being close means it won’t bite, and there’s nothing to be stand-offish about. Ask him to rub your clit, insert a finger, allow him to get accustom to the womanly scent, view, and offering of hopefully wanting to then lick you.

Reassure him you’re not asking that he dive in shoulder deep, even some tip of the tongue directly onto the clit would be appreciated. Get a little kinky, bring strawberries, chocolate syrup, etc. to the bedroom, but it into your vaginal area, he may want to lap up the taste of temptation. The main goal is to remain open in your discussions, don’t put pressure, don’t refuse to give him his pre-intercourse blowjob, but rather, talk a little dirty when telling him how good it would feel to you. Make it light and playful, you don’t want to push him further away.

Some men, and women see oral sex as another branch of a stronger intimacy when making love and they immediately put up walls, for some reason it’s a psychological reaction that is very real to them, and very frustrating to their partner.

Anything worth fine tuning is worth investing the time into, so, if you want foreplay to work like a well oiled machine, go slow and allow the building of mutual pleasure between the two of you. Given the right attention and approach, you may be surprised at how often you see the top of your husband’s head….between your thighs!

Scare Yourself Stiff with Fleshlight!

Fleshlight FreaksBy now every porn-loving guy on the planet should be familiar with Fleshlight, the discreet, portable masturbation aid for men that offers custom molds of pornstar pussies in a variety of flesh-like textures. But with Halloween approaching, it seems only fitting that guys might want something a little otherworldly to stick their dick in. Asa Akira, love her to death, just doesn’t scream Halloween!

Fleshlight’s Freaks range of penis receptacles for men and dildos for women offer spooky Halloween-themed sexual satisfaction under the names Zombie, Alien, Frankenstein, Drac, and Cyborg. Modeled after some of history’s most monstrous creations (and those fucking blue Avatar creatures!) the Fleshlight Freaks range is one of the most inspired and original creations to come out of the sexual aid industry in quite some time.

Zombie’s feel is that of decaying flesh, with a warped, mangled texture that only the freakiest of masturbators (and die-hard zombie fans) will relish. The wrinkled, wounded phallus that is its dildo counterpart is truly horrifying and looks ready to fuck your girl’s brains out whether you want it to or not.

The electric blue Alien dick-sleeve has a more box-like opening than a humanoid vagina and looks surprisingly warm and inviting, while the Alien dildo, also glowing blue, is extra wide and just humanoid enough to seem like an evolutionary step up from what you’re no doubt packing.

The stitched faux-flesh of the “Frankenvag” and the piecemeal phallus dubbed “Frankencock” are oversized and sit right on the edge of perfection and collapse, with the famous Monster’s neck bolts now transplanted to the shaft of this Shelley-inspired dick. A truly barbaric junkpile modification of the human penis.

Drac takes the most romantic and erotic of the famous monsters and presents it in a more explicit hardcore rendering. Bat-wing labia open the door to your impending loss of fluids while the stake-like, thick-veined, crimson boner equivalent dildo is perfectly symmetrical and bound to thrill your Twilight-obsessed ladyfriend.

Perhaps the scariest of all Fleshlight Freaks, however, is Cyborg. The robotically ribbed SuperSkin-textured offers a bionic pussy for you to pound and comes in both vibrating and non-vibrating editions. Women, meanwhile, are presented with a cobalt blue, almost purple shaft that looks more like a futuristic videogame joystick than the fuckstick you’re wielding. Ribbed, ribbed, ribbed with a bumpy shaft and artificially sleek sack, the Cyborg rod could soon replace you if you don’t adapt and evolve.

Oh, and don’t take these out trick-or-treating or you’re liable to end up behind bars at the mercy of a fat, sweaty, tattooed cellmate!

In Celebration of Asses

Today, dear reader, is National Ass Day and although I’ve no idea where this unofficial day of celebratory derriere worship originated, it was hash-tagged on Twitter (#NationalAssDay) and is therefore legitimate. If you follow Mr. Pink’s on Twitter, you would’ve seen me posting and retweeting some incredible backsides throughout the day, but if you don’t and didn’t here’s something tasty in praise of asses: the greatest rear-ends in porn!


Jynx Maze

Jynx Maze


Jessie Rogers

Jessie Rogers


Alexis Texas

Alexis Texas


Rachel Starr

Rachel Starr


Rebeca Linares

Rebeca Linares

Feel I’ve neglected some deliciously endowed women and their perfectly-proportioned rumps? Lemme know and join in the celebrations!

Naughty America’s 5,000th Scene Celebration

Naughty America 5000th sceneNaughty America has long been a staple of many porn fans’ viewing diets. With such notable and highly lauded sites as I Have a Wife, Ass Masterpiece, My First Sex Teacher, and Seduced by a Cougar, the immense network has acted out the fantasies of every guy in America, and has garnered some very approving reviews from yours truly in the process. Now, eight years after the very first Naughty America scene was unleashed upon an audience, the company that claims “Nobody does it better,” celebrates a remarkable milestone: it’s 5,000th scene.

Thanks to consistent multiple daily updates and years of impressive porn productions, Naughty America has managed to reach its 5,000th scene before plenty of other networks and it’s celebrating in style. India Summer, winner of XBIZ’s MILF of the Year award for 2012, takes the starring role in this American Daydreams scene and daydream she does. After dinner and a movie, India is all ready to pounce on her husband, but he took a rare moment of solitude to beat off, cum, and fall asleep while she was undressing in the bathroom. Like a supreme dope, he left his iPad lying on his lap as he floated into dreamland. India picks up the tablet, sees that he was watching a Naughty America scene. Sexually frustrated and horny as hell, India gazes at the woman that made her husband blow and starts fantasizing about a career in porn herself.

Approaching India’s front door is a Naughty America rep who tells viewers Ms. Summer is in for a big surprise. With flowers, a tiara, and a trophy, not to mention Johnny Sinns, ready to fuck, India is crowned Miss Five Thousand and given the chance to be a pornstar for a day. Not one to fuck around, figuratively speaking, India quickly drags Johnny inside, tears off her blouse and skirt, and proceeds to let her inner slut loose. What follows, dear reader, is a scene loaded with celebratory energy and a joyous exuberance not seen since, well… Ah, fuck it. Check it out for yourself.

Congratulations, Naughty America! You’ve done us proud.

Lexi Belle Grows Up

Lexi Belle analEven though she had once declaratively stated that her anus was “too tiny” for penile penetration, everyone’s favorite pixie of porn, Lexi Belle, has relented and shot her very first anal sex scene. What made her finally changed her mind? Was it the clamoring of her adoring fans, an opening in anal master James Deen’s schedule, or a big, fat paycheck? Was it even, perhaps, just the right offer at the right time.

In the lengthy introductory interview segment of the scene, which can be found in Elegant Angel’s new release ‘Lexi’, the bubbly and clearly excited Ms. Belle explains that in this, her seventh year in adult entertainment, she found that many of her sexual firsts – first blowjob, first threesome, first time with a woman – had been on camera, “on display for you” she says, referring to her fans. She admits to having grown up on camera and says “There comes a time when you… grow up a little bit more. This year I’m gonna be 25 and [I’m] gonna try something different, something big.”

That something big is James Deen. He’s been many pornstars’ first on-screen anal experience and Lexi couldn’t be in more capable hands. While I won’t go into detail about the scene itself aside from saying that, yes, it definitely was worth the wait, I will ask you, Mr. Pink’s readers, who’s left. Now that long-time anti-anal performer Lexi Belle has finally opened herself up in a new way, who remains that hasn’t taken one in the rear for her viewing audience? And while I may be overestimating my influence in this industry, if you let me know whose ass you’re dying to see pounded, I’ll tweet the hell out of her and make sure she knows!

Until then, here’s a taste of what’s in store for Lexi in her first self-titled feature with Elegant Angel’s trailer.