Whatever Happened to Nicole Ray?

Nicole RayA once promising pornstar, someone who was just making a name for herself in an industry rife with abandoned careers, has seemingly vanished whether by choice, necessity, or force. Nicole Ray, the petite blonde from Illinois, started shooting adult material in or around her 19th year. Available biographies place her date of birth at November 4th 1989, making Ray a perfect fit for “teen” movies. After four years of shooting for every company from Bang Bros to Naughty America, from Girlfriend Films to Hustler Video, Nicole seemed to be on the cusp of even greater success. Then, with Deep Throat This #55 from Peter North’s North Pole Entertainment as her swan song, Nicole Ray seemed to disappear from porn.

Investigating her apparent retirement, I came upon a few curious clues that suggested Nicole’s exit from adult entertainment might not have been as smooth as we’d previously assumed. Her partner in Deep Throat This #55 was not the North god of ejaculate, Peter North himself, nor was it North’s credited co-dick, Johnny Fender. Sweet, darling Nicole was instead stuck in a BJ scene with “guy”, an un-credited stunt-cock whose identity remains under wraps to this day. Was Nicole Ray the victim of “guy’s” penchant for imprisoning young women in his underground dungeon or did she simply say to herself “Enough is enough, I’m moving to retail!”? What really happened to cause Nicole Ray to apparently leave the porn world for good, leaving no Tweet, no MySpace bulletin, no Facebook status update to clue us into the next stage of her career, erotic or otherwise?

Is X Dead, a site billed as “Celebrity Deathwatch”, suggests that Nicole Ray is still with us, 1672 people voting for her continued life and only 679 people assuming (or knowing!?) she has passed on. @NicoleRayxxx’s long dormant Twitter page redirects visitors to @NicoleRayxoxox, claiming it as the profile where she’ll post “day to day”, but that profile doesn’t exist. Nicole’s MySpace page is private and she hasn’t accepted the friend request I sent about eight months ago. Frankly, I’m starting to get a tad concerned.

Nicole Ray, if you’re out there somewhere, what are you doing with your time and vagina these days? Was it exhaustion, education, proposal of marriage, that syphilis outbreak, or just plain boredom that led you away from the small screen and back into civilian life? If you read this, Nicole, let word filter back into the pornosphere telling us that you’re okay and that no tragedy has befallen you, our golden haired angel of promise who we all miss so much.

Lingering Lust – Missy Pink’s Sex Advice

Missy Pinks at MrPinks.comMissy Pink,

So consider me an abnormal woman and maybe even a bit on the crazy side, but I have grown so tired of my boyfriend’s want to have hours of foreplay! You probably don’t hear that much, but now and then I would much more enjoy a quickie, I’m in the mood to do it, let’s do it and get it done, but he thinks if sex starts at 8 pm, it shouldn’t end until midnight or after. I’m tired of the diddling, I want it fast, furious and straight to the hardcore. Am I really that different from other women?

Lingering Lust

Dear Lingering;

I must admit, your complaint isn’t one to be heard on a daily basis while sharing pink drinks with your best gal pals on a Friday night. Most women would give their favorite handbag for a man that would be as attentive and romantic.

In trying to see both sides of the coin, it sounds as if you’re trying to make change in your relationship. Even though it’s simple enough to switch your brand of laundry detergent, or you opt for a bolder flavored mouthwash, when it comes to what happens in the bedroom, often routine and comfort, play such a huge role, any straying from the normal can knock your world off its axis.

Just like with any issue of disagreement in a relationship, the key is communication. I’m sure you don’t think twice in mentioning your car isn’t running quite right and you’re going to take it in for a tune up the following day, so, why not use that same approach when wanting a tune up to your intimate routine.

I have to say one thing, kudos to your boyfriend for being the dream of a high percentage of the female gender, most of the time women are left laying beside a snoring man that rolled over, shared a few thrusts, landed his dismount and resumed slumber before his side of the sheets had time to chill. And, in trying to be sympathetic to both sides, I can see where there would be times when you’re just not in the mood for extreme foreplay, you want to feel the closeness and the release, but in a more, caveman style of taking. No one has the same sexual urge every night of the week, wants are changed as often as underwear.

As I mentioned above, it’s time to have a talk, the tongue can be used for more than oral sex, so utilize it. Make a nice dinner, and let the relaxation surmount with each course, and then, as you’ve wiped your mouth with your napkin, then start talking a bit dirty from the cleaned surface. Use finesse , make sure your lover understands you appreciate his attentive nature and you’re not saying you don’t ever want to spend hours in play mode before going in for the delivery, it’s just there are times when your animalistic urges say, “Take me, take me now!”

Who knows, maybe he’s trying to be a gentleman before juicing and there could actually be those days when you’ve been on his mind all afternoon and he’d enjoy coming home, finding you bent over the dishwasher and just manhandle you with passion. There’s a lot to be said for hardcore pleasure, just as words aren’t few in the realm of intimacy either, the trick is finding the combination that works for you both, and I think this time, it’s best to let your lips do the talking instead of letting fingers do the walking.

Groupies Make Life Selector Interesting – Pt. 4


After filling a reasonably large venue with cheers and not jeers, my band Beef Supreme were nowhere to be found, leaving me to wake up on a table surrounded by pills, butts, and bottles, wondering what hotel I ended up in and whether I’d slept past checkout time. Opening the door, I was greeted (and given a headache) by two screaming, bouncing groupies. Dude, I love groupies! I quickly signed their boobs only to be faced with the toughest decision of my morning so far: bang the blonde in the black dress or bang the blonde in the white fishnet top?

Since the girl in black was the only one I could understand as she and her friend gabbed a thousand praises and pleasantries upon meeting me, I choose her – and it only costs me 25 credits! With nothing to lose but my untarnished record for impeccable sexual health and the hangover currently doing a John Bonham on my noggin, I dove in and endeavored to prove to this sycophantic slut that I was no washed-up old rocker but a virile young stud loaded with enough sexual energy to rival Vince Neil or Izzy Stradlin at their best.

“I’m gonna make you horny even if you don’t want me,” she said as she laid back on my hotel bed, spreading her legs and placing two fingers… right… there. “What do you mean ‘if I don’t want you?’ I picked you, didn’t I?” I was clearly still drunk from last night’s after-party, so I decided to simply sit back and enjoy the show. After a minute or two, she reached back, grabbed an empty wine bottle and promised to show me something.


Uh, perhaps I better step in before she gives herself (and me) an infection.


After four minutes of pounding her from behind, I start to feel a familiar sensation rising from deep within me. Although she has offered to let me spank her ass, pull her hair, and stick in her rear, I instead opt to blow. After all, it’s not like I need to keep her around if I’m done with her, right? I must still be high as well as drunk, ’cause for some reason I nut in a half-full beer glass which she dutifully, gleefully downs in one gulp then heads for the door.


Man, I could really get used to this rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle at Life Selector.