Belly Down Disappointed – Missy Pink’s Sex Advice

Missy Pinks at MrPinks.comDear Missy Pink, I feel like I might be losing the interest of my husband and I don’t know what to do. We’ve been married for 14 yrs, and even though sex has always been just so-so between us, still the closeness of the act always made me feel good. He would always orgasm, so I assumed that meant he was happy. About 18 months ago, I was sound asleep in the middle of the night, lying on my belly and suddenly I felt him on top of me, he was like a man I’d never known, his excitement was off the scale. Now, that’s the only way he wants to do it, with him instructing me to not move, but, for me, I feel like I’m an object, not a wife that he loves.

Dear Belly Down Disappointed;

Sometimes I think when a couple fall in love and decide upon marriage, there’s a pre cursor of thought that fills our mind, such as, we are the only thing they need in life to bring them joy, and there must be a parallel pattern to thought patterns that involve everything in life, which includes sex. You admitted your sex life for over a dozen years had only been so-so, but rather than make waves, you found the silver lining to the dark cloud, the intimacy factor and was content. Even though your husband experienced orgasms doesn’t mean it was the greatest pleasure he’d ever experienced, you know what they say about sex, even the worst they’ve ever had was still good.

I’m wondering what facet of your spouse’s new appeal to arousal disturbs you the most. My guess would be the fact that you’re on your belly and unable to experience the eye contact, the viewing of his expression during those throes of thrusting, that is where the intimacy that you mentioned is felt. Of course there could also be the feeling of not really being wanted, but instead, being taken. He is claiming his woman, marking his territory, being a manly man.

There could be many reasons as to why he’s found joy in you lying there, being submissive, while he rules the hardcore scenario, and this does teeter on the fine line of being fetish related. If it were a once in a while sort of dominance on his behalf, I’d consider it sexual play, role model type of interaction and give kudos for this being incorporated into your love-making. But, if this is the only way he wants it now, then the pleasure for you must be plummeting quickly.

It’s time to have a conversation, out of the bedroom, and maybe even out of the house. Go for a ride, stop for a cup of coffee, whatever the case may be and just lean across and softly begin making your feelings known. After 14 years together, I can’t see him suddenly becoming selfish, but I can see him accepting your views and at least considering,  even if he doesn’t openly talk about them. Keep the words few in count, but powerful in meaning, you don’t want him to suddenly hear nothing but, “blah, blah, blah,” you’ll want him to take you seriously.

When the sun goes down, bring him up! Take him to the bedroom, shower him with a little extra affection, put him in the mood to show you the same sort of attention, and then prove to him how much fun being face to face can be. A lot can be said for missionary position, so lift those legs high and let him take you in caveman style!

Christy Mack’s Cheating Scandal

Christy MackChristy Mack is basking in the glow of increased web traffic and Internet buzz unofficially awarded to Miss FreeOnes, the annual popularity content run by the adult community of the same name, but some of her fellow performers and fans are not pleased with the title. Is it just jealousy or something a bit more sinister?

Miss FreeOnes is awarded annually to the adult performer who receives the most votes and votes can be submitted by anonymous visitors and registered FreeOnes members alike. A relative newcomer, Ms. Mack surprised by winning this year’s contest (and $10,000 in cold, hard US currency) after three rounds of tough competition that saw last year’s winner Vicky Vette drop to #4. According to FreeOnes, voters could submit only one vote per day, with those votes submitted by FreeOnes members holding more voting weight than anonymous votes. Mack also took home the title of best newcomer this year and is known as a rampant social media slut, so where’s the controversy?

Those questioning Mack’s victory (like this Luke Is Back reader) note her recent popularity in Twitter and Instagram and declare it suspicious – but why? Mack declares similar levels of followers (and therefore popularity) to superstars Tera Patrick, Teagan Presley, and Jesse Jane, all of whom have held a high-profile contract with a major adult studio. How is it that Mack made her way into such prestigious celebrity company so quickly without, you know, cheating?

The accused chalks her popularity up to knowing “what to post and at what times,” boasting “within one hour, I can expect over 60 retweets, and over 200 favorites” of a single Tweeted utterance or image. FreeOnes also notes that Mack was in the top 50 performers within three months of adding Mack to the site, and that she currently tops lists of ‘most liked’ pornstars on Bang Bros, Wicked, Naughty America, and Team Skeet networks. Mack initially told FreeOnes she was worthy of the Miss FreeOnes 2013 crown because she likes “puppies, cars, rainbows, and tattoos!” Could it be that the prevalence of humorous cat videos and flashy body art in recent years alone took Christy to the top?

We were all in high school at some point, and we all know those jerks who won “best eyes” didn’t really have the best eyes in the entire senior class, they’d just mastered the art of seduction in a very subtle way. At Luke Is Back, Mike South pointed out the obvious: it’s all about who sends the most traffic to FreeOnes. FreeOnes agrees with South because, after all, this is and always has been a popularity contest. Even though there are measures in place to ensure fraud is detected and avoided, there are always new methods of cheating the system, methods that will always be exploited before they’re stopped. In past Miss FreeOnes contests, winners Vicky Vette and Sophie Dee were also accused of padding their votes by the same crowd of malcontents in disbelief that someone other than their favorite could take the crown. as FreeOnes noted then, whenever someone is chosen as the best of anything, there’ll always be a sore loser. Or, behind every hot girl there’s another fifty with knives at the ready. Or, maybe Christy Mack is just, like, shit-hot right now!

Christy Mack

Is Evil Afoot at Evil Angel?

Last week we brought you news of Evil Angel’s latest endeavor, a clothing line designed by an erotic artist named Ricky Carrefero. But it turns out Ricky Carrefero may have been bombarded with allegations of evil once before. Welcome, dear reader, to the contentious world of erotic illustration.

Ricky Carralero

Back in the early 2000s, a Los Angeles artist named Armando Huerta claimed that another man in his same line of work was passing Huerta’s work off as his own. The alleged plagiarist had been painting over portions of Huerta’s images and signing his own name, effectively changing nothing but the source (so, everything). The alleged plagiarist even managed to have a book containing a many such pieces published by SQP Art Books. The name of the alleged plagiarist? Ricky Carralero. Hmmm – that sounds familiar…

Now, there’s every chance that two men with almost identical names were working the same brush ‘n’ ink beat at the same time, but fuck… Was the artist behind Evil Angel’s new apparel endeavor also a thief, a phony, a plagiarist? Lingering doubts about the spelling of Carrefero and Carralero (and whatever other variations might exist) kept me searching. The only notable results appearing via Google for a “Ricky Carrefero” related to the announcement of Evil Angel’s clothing line about which I previously blogged, leaving me to wonder whether if “Ricky Carrefero” isn’t just a (barely) new name adopted by the same guy who allegedly ripped off Huerta. (And, by “allegedly” I mean “according to everyone posting at this blog“.) Or perhaps, as this post on the news page of Wicked Kulture, the website Carralero’s runs for his so-named erotic apparel company (natch!) refers to the man who’ll be applying color to cotton for EA by the same spelling that appears in Wicked Kulture’s byline and the front cover of the SQP Publication mentioned earlier, Art Premiere #1, Ricky Carralero is the only person Ricky Carralero can rely on to spell Ricky Carralero correctly.