Pubic Hair Sprouts Back

Bush Vol 1

According to The New York Times, the decade-long trend of bald (or at least largely shaven) female pubes has turned around of late with more and more women opting for a more natural, “fuller” look. Citing advice from actress (and now author) Cameron Diaz, quotes from Gwyneth Paltrow’s Iron Man 3 press junket interviews, a Lady Gaga photoshoot and the continued career of reluctant pubic groomer and actress Abby Hoffman, NYT writer Marisa Meltzer makes the claim that the Brazilian and High Bikini waxes are on the way out in US cities from New York to Portland, OR, but seems to neglect one source of pubic pop-culture factoids: pornography.

Take a gander through the ranks of porn’s brightest young starlets and you’ll see plenty of bush on the likes of Riley Reid, Holly Michaels, Dani Daniels, and Chastity Lynn. In fact, bang on three years ago back in 2011, Elegant Angel released Bush, a pubic hair-loving hardcore romp that reintroduced audiences to the hottest tufted women in porn, including Kimberly Kane, Bobbi Starr, and Kristina Rose.

Bush Vol. 2Bush was followed by two more installments of this burgeoning series and welcomed multiple AVN nominees, one of whom, Jessie Andrews, also a Best Actress winner, Miley Cyrus music video co-star, and dance club DJ whose names has appeared in print in a NYT edition on not one, not two, but four separate occasions. But, no, heaven forbid we look to porn to see what less vocal people are doing (or wish they are) in their bedrooms. It’s simply untenable that such an affront to all human decency (both the Patriarchy’s and Feminism’s) could be the basis for an assessment of human domestic habits! Anyone willing to look, though, would certainly find one thing: bush (and quite a bit of it, too).

Quick Release – Missy Pink’s Sex Advice

Missy Pinks at MrPinks.comMissy Pink,

So I’m an older male, 38 years old, but my sexual excitement is like that of a teenager, meaning I can’t hold out long enough to pleasure my wife through intercourse, I cum too fast. She doesn’t complain, but it bothers me, and I don’t know how to make sure she’s satisfied and not disappointed.

Quick Release

Dear Friend;

There are many things about sex that statistics seem to rule, such as, and among other things, “How long should intercourse last?” Too many studies, too much data gathered, with an enormous amount of money spent and complexes created by the bottom line of their investigations. No two people are alike in any manner, which includes their sexual practices, and buried upon a hill somewhere is no stone to overturn, holding all of the secrets of life and sex.

If your wife hasn’t complained, that’s always a good sign. Have you asked her if she feels sexual satisfaction when in bed with you, or are you going by your own assumption and feeling of inadequacy? There are times when we’re our own worse erotic enemy. If we could free our minds and just enough the moments, however many they may be, that is where the true satisfaction lies.

Locker room talk with the boys, movies, television shows, and your favorite porn sites all paint a picture that gives a high bar to live up to. The fact that you’re this concerned about your spouse’s orgasmic satisfaction speaks volumes, and kudos to you for being thoughtful.

Maybe your concentration should turn more towards foreplay than the actual finish line. What the male gender forgets at times is the fact, for women, being intimate isn’t always about a mind blowing orgasm, it’s the physical and emotional closeness of being with someone we care about that makes it special and endearing. Spend time applying oral sex, allow her to cum once, or more of course, to feel her excitement rippling across hard nipples and a swollen clitoris. Touch her gently, use your fingers in a tender manner to turn her on from head to toe. The more aroused she is, the more excited she’ll feel about having you penetrate her, and also, how much she’ll WANT you to cum, to know that you have reached completion, caused by making her feel like a woman first of all.

There are no written rules, it’s all about what feels good to you both. If you continue beating yourself up over this issue, you’re going to find much enjoyment leaving your sexual sessions.

If it would make you feel better, see your family doctor, rule out anything physical and then just pride yourself on the fact that you still have the sexual drive of a younger male, I’m sure your wife appreciates that fact about you much more than you realize.

When you get home from work, have a talk with the Mrs., tell her how you’re feeling and what your doubts are, honesty first, orgasm second. Once you iron out all of the details, turn dinner down to simmer, you’ll be getting plenty to eat in the bedroom!

Updates with Angels

Evil Angel

Evil Angel and Elegant Angel might share A-list pornstar talent, assloads of AVN Awards and an enormous global audience, but there’s stylistic differences that clearly mark them as separate and unique entities both making invaluable, if quite different contributions to the adult industry. For example: Evil Angel’s DVD covers are draped in crimson and black with metal flourishes and titles like Evil Anal and Ass Hysteria while Elegant Angel opts for a sleek and far more sedate white-and-pink treatment for Curvy Girls, Cuties, Asian Bombshells and other titles. Just see the latest announcements from each company and their differences will be confirmed.

Ok, so maybe they’re more alike than previously suggested. Bonnie Rotten, having been crowned the AVN Female Performer of the Year at January’s ceremony, continues her thriving career by taking up the honored mantle previously held by Cytherea and Jada Fire. And, strangely enough, squirting isn’t something Ms. Rotten even knew she could both do and enjoy before she started in porn, as she explains in this here interview:

Aiden Starr joining the ranks of Evil Angel directors makes about as much sense as Bonnie Rotten being appointed Squirtwoman, i.e.: plenty! After Belladonna, Bobbi Starr, and Dana Vespoli before her, Ms. Starr is another acclaimed female performer moving to the director’s chair under the guidance of John “Buttman” Stagliano’s crew. And, like those women before her, she’s making her first venture a rather risque one. Pussy Whipped, out April 16, sees a cast including Bella Rossi, Sarah Shevon, and Phoenix Askani join Starr for everything from egg-laying to prolapsed assholes to tentacle sex, with nary a (real human) penis in sight!

Two of the most fierce and unforgettable women performers making bold new steps in their careers, the results of which seem disproportionately beneficial to us, and people still want to maintain that porn is dying? Nonsense. I never doubt that I’m in the right industry, but clearly it’s these women who I should be working for!

Elegant Angel