Amia’s Fame-Ass

Amia MileyThanks to the TMZ, Perez Hilton, and the endless reach of the Internet, pornstars are now much closer to mainstream celebrity than ever before. Sasha Grey, Charley Chase, Bree Olson and Jenna Haze are but a few adult performers to have recently enjoyed flirtations with the mainstream – Sasha Grey’s is unfortunately ongoing – but the latest professional fucker to find widespread media attention is a rather unlikely one: Amia Miley.

Amia Miley (also known as Amia Moretti), a 22-year-old former pornstar – yes, folks, she has apparently “retired” – has been attracting attention because of a photo allegedly tweeted by Kanye West, a photo showing a tanned, curvaceous brunette sitting naked on the edge of what appears to be a hotel bed, scarfing her some room service breakfast. Since the woman was facing away from the camera and had a rather generously proportioned derriere, most assumed the photo was of Kanye’s ladyfriend, Kim “I work really, really, really hard, you guys!” Kardashian. Then, the news broke that the ass depicted belonged not to the big-assed reality star, but to Amia, a fact she was quick to point out (and prove!) to a TMZ reporter.

With news of Amia’s retirement yet to reach many, many porn fans, it’s likely she’ll use this unexpected exposure to further a career in, well, who knows? While her excellent porn work is still filtering out onto sites like Videobox, Amia’s been busy dating Jersey Shore alum The Situation’s similarly absurdly named bro, The Unit, and posting some rather strange videos on her YouTube account. Wanna see her attempt to swallow 18 inches of spiced sausage? (It’s not as arousing as it sounds, trust me.)

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