Around the World with James Deen, Gentleman

We’re all well aware that Americans and the English have very different attitudes toward sex – and to who else but celebrities should we turn for examples? Stateside, famous folks are prone to hiding their incredible acts of debauchery until they’re found out by TMZ or a nosy neighbor, at which point they might issue a public apology and hug their spouse, seek treatment for “sex addiction”, or simply vanish from the public eye while Jay Leno makes jokes at their expense for a good thirteen or fourteen minutes. In England, legend has it,  the Brits are a bit more reserved. There’s not much that’s funny about sex in the UK, hence “spotted dick“.

Nowhere is the sexual and cultural divide more evident than in these photoshoots starring everyone’s favorite pornstar-cum-thespian, James Deen. Appearing in the US and UK editions of GQ and GQ: Style respectively, the shoots give us great insight into what those in each nation regard as sexy, at least where men are concerned. Check it out!

James Deen UK GQ James Deen GQ

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