Asa Akira’s Still At It (Again)

Asa Akira at Bang BusYou’d think after taking on two not-quite-but-almost-randomly selected dudes she found in South Beach, Asa Akira would be tiring of spreading her legs for inexperienced cocksmen, no matter how well they hold up under pressure. Sure, it makes for great adult entertainment, but what about her own sense of sexual satisfaction? Neither of the first two guys focused all his attention on getting her off, instead trying their hardest to keep hard and pop without much delay. They both did a pretty good job, sure, but Asa’s first ride on the Bang Bus hasn’t ended yet and there’s some guy in board shorts walking up to the bus right now… and he recognizes the graffiti-ridden interior and Ms. Akira both! Hopefully this dude will manage to polish off what could easily be the greatest pornstar-headed Bang Bus adventure of all time and ensure Asa returns for another jaunt sometime soon.

As soon as the latest of Asa’s pseudo-suitors ambles aboard the Bang Bus, he makes it abundantly clear that he’s willing to at least try to fuck the irresistible Japanese-American AVN winner, and, since he seems like a pretty “chill” dude, he’s given his shot at porno glory. Starting again with some tender making out, things soon move from the back seat to the floor where the guy quickly moves in what most women would call the only correct direction: down.

Using every trick, technique, and tool at his disposal, our latest wannabe-pornstar not only elicits a smile and a moan from an experienced pornstar and self-avowed wanton slut, but a legitimate orgasm, too! When asked if he has managed to arouse an erection, the board-shorted beach-goer replies in the negative. That’s ok, though; Asa’s already gotten off and now gets to snuggle with her new pal, who really just seems thrilled to be on the bus at all.

Lamenting the apparent finality of her first Bang Bus appearance – during which she came twice, just not with the Angry Birds player she fucked in the middle – Asa insists she’ll be returning for another go-around and tells the Bang Bus director that this isn’t “The End,” it’s just “To be continued…”

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