Mr. Skin’s Topical Treatments

Mr. Skin

Longtime legend of almost-porn archiving and celebration, Mr. Skin, always seems to have something in his back pocket to suit whatever’s buzzing around the new feeds on any given day. And even today, 2018, when we can barely keep track of the latest kinda-sorta social, political, and environmental disasters clogging up our otherwise puppy-heavy Facebook feeds, ol’ Skinny boy has just the thing to take the edge off.

The recent royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle seemed to have the whole dang universe in a tizzy for one reason or another and, though Mr. Skin can’t boast a single nude shot of the new princess (duh), she does feature in a pic-and-vid gallery labelled “sexy” that sure-as-shit ain’t lyin’.

Model, television star, entrepreneur, muse, mother, quasi-intentional pornstar, wife, daughter, and professional large-ass-haver, Kim Kardashian West can now add ‘political advisor’ to her list of questionable credentials. Invited to the White House to discuss “prison reform and sentencing” (his words) and obtain “clemency [for] Ms. Alice Marie Johnson who is serving a life sentence for a first-time, non-violent drug offense,” (hers), the one-time most talked about woman on Earth seemed to have really been roped into a sly photo op, at least according to the Daily Beast. Mr. Skin, for his part, more than delivers the goods while another compatriot in celebrity nude publishing, Vivid, has the very video that made Ms. KKW so fucking famous in the first place. (Yo, Ray J, where you at?)

Strangely, the three top positions on Mr. Skin’s Trending Celebs list are comprised of ye’ ol’ standbys, super famous blonde movie stars with big tits (ScarJo and JLaw) and a fresh-faced TV starlet (Katherine Langford, whoever she is) and the woman being called by some a significant threat to the stability of our government, perhaps even to our democracy and our very moral fiber, Stormy Daniels, is way down at #36. Stormy’s getting a rise out of America and the President himself, so maybe bump her up a few spots, huh?

For more topical and trending celebrity nudity, Mr. Skin is at your service.

Mr. Pink’s Weekly Report – May 19th, 2018

mrpinksThis week at Mr. Pink’s, we devoted almost all our attention to the work of one legendary pornographer, a stalwart of the Euro erotica scene, and one of the most effectively branded adult studios on the continent. Yes, it’s another double-shot of Denys Defrancesco and his lush, lusty productions. DDF Busty stays true to its name, casting only the most top-heavy models in solo, lesbian, and hardcore romps making great HD and 4K titty showcases. House of Taboo, meanwhile, also maintains its agenda: using straps, chains, whips, prods, blades, liquid, latex, and anything else remotely kinky to conjure up a weird and wonderful BDSM-fueled sexcapade, also in HD and UHD updates. Oh, and speaking of total deviancy, Bonnie Rotten’s back and featured on Mr. Pink’s blog this week, proving that the nasty and naughtier it is, the more Mr. Pink’s is interested!

A Rotten Return

Every few years, the porn industry sees one performer out-dazzle all others in an effort to become known worldwide as the queen of sluts. Sasha Grey made a stab then shuffled off to semi-respectability and the edge of the mainstream. Ava Devine was an unrepentant super-slut during her heyday, taking on any man, woman, trans-performer or inanimate object, but she seems to have slowed down lately. A few years back, it was the name Bonnie Rotten that had everyone crowing about the decline and possible demise of porn, about how tattoos were hideous on women, and how anyone with an asshole so flexible must have a pretty limited career ahead of them. Then Bonnie Rotten disappeared.

Bonnie Rotten

Announcing her return to porn on her birthday this year, the 2014 AVN Female Performer of the Year revealed that not only is she returning to the skin-filled screens soon, but she’s doing it exclusively for Brazzers. Instantly, Joanna Angel and Cytherea tweeted their support and eagerness to work with Rotten and her amazingly accommodating body. Keiran Lee, Brazzers’ head dick, also welcomed her back to the industry and into the Brazzers family.

Having taken away from shooting porn at what seemed like the height of her powers and influence, Bonnie was lured away but something with incredible pull: motherhood. Now, after warming back to adult with some feature dancing, she’s ready to demonstrate her utterly remarkable commitment to boundary-pushing sexual entertainment.

See Bonnie’s special announcement below and be sure to check out some of Ms. Rotten’s excellent past perversions for Evil Angel, Kink, and, of course, Brazzers.