Blazing with Pornstars

Madison IvyToday, dear friends, is the day when stoners around the world wake up, bake up, and just keep on bakin’ all through the day. Today, good buddies, is 420, April 20th, the big FOUR-TWO-OH; the only day of the calendar year when you can find people blazing up across campuses, nature reserves, public parks, by the beach, and pretty much anywhere else they please. While anyone looking to have a lil’ toke this weekend should definitely keep in mind all applicable laws, whether in a Medical Marijuana State or not. If it’s not, like, totally illegal and shit wherever you are, spark one up and let your freak flag fly – ’cause your favorite pornstar is probably doing the very same thing. Need proof?

Bustacious cock-and-smoke-blower Madison Ivy – seen above with the result of a good day’s work on set – is clearly gearing up for a big day and is putting her engineering skills to work on a monster doobie. Careful not to put someone’s eye out with that, Ms. Ivy!

Self-styled stoner chick Kayden Faye (a.k.a.: Kayden 420) is already kicking off celebrations in suitable style, putting on a smoke-filled cam show for her fans.

Marie Luv has already had a few #stonermoments, as you can see from this tweet: a poorly doctored image of Kermit the Frog and… Dude! Fuck! Oscar looks like a giant nug of weed, man! He totally does!

And my favorite stoner pornstar, Charley Chase, who has been exceedingly forthcoming about her 420 celebrations in the past, seems strangely quiet so far. From the looks of things, though, that could be because she’s been squeegeeing her third-eye open for a week in the lead up to 420. Take a look at this pic and tell me she’s not on cloud nine!

Charley Chase

For those who don’t smoke pot and wouldn’t know Jack Herer if he rose from the dead and passed you the dutchie, the weed aspect of 420 Girls might bore you, but the sites has hand picked the hottest stoner girls in adult entertainment and now features them talking about, imbibing, and showing off their stashes of nature’s little miracle weed in true pothead style. Dude, just check out this music video starring one of porn’s most outspoken stoners, Charlie Laine.

So, wherever your 420 takes you, whether you’re a dedicated OG Kush guy, a disciple of Indian Bhang, or someone with a hard-on for the White Widow, stay safe, have fun, and if you see a cool-looking chick with reddened eyes and a sly grin, for chrissakes talk to her! Who knows, you two could end up taking your pot party somewhere a little more private.

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