Britain’s Top Torrid Talents

Last week at Mr. Pink’s we brought you a rundown of the awesome on-screen activities of three leading British pornstars: Jasmine Jae, Stella Cox, and Ella Hughes, a trio who’ve made their name on a number of excellent adult sites willing to bring Brits into the US-dominated industry. This week we’re continuing our assessment of the current generation of UK-based pornstars and focusing on those who can convincingly pull off an “amateur” performance in what can only be described as conditions not exactly conducive to comfortable sex.

Fake Hub

Fake Hub, a network of seven websites all devoted to seducing and corrupting random strangers, customers, and clients, many of them wannabe actresses or everyday women just trying to grab a cab home or learn how to drive themselves. One Fake Hub site revolving entirely around vehicular copulation, Fake Taxi, has also spawned a couple of spin-offs not yet included in the network: Female Fake Taxi (in which women drivers pick up men, women, and couples, fucking them in the backseat) and Fake Driving School (which sees nerdy instructors accepting offers of blowjobs and pussy for a passing grade). Of all the women dropping everything to work themselves into a backseat frenzy, three in particular stood out.

Ava Austen essentially runs Female Fake Taxi, driving around London and picking up both men and women for some backseat shenanigans, but she has also stepped into the Fake Taxi fuck-mobile to flip the script and be schtupped by her driver between her fares of her own. At Female Fake Taxi, Ava can be found in an amazing 34 scenes at present, each one placing her in the perfect position to seduce and devour attractive riders, whoever they may be.

Rina Ellis, a Korean-born, American-accented apparent British resident with a compact, lithe body, also stopped by Fake Driving School and proved herself incapable of getting into gear and hitting the road, instead downing her instructor’s dick in order to get her L-plates. Also appearing on both Fake Taxi (in a slutty schoolgirl outfit that catches her driver’s eye) and Female Fake Taxi (as a hood-mountable fuck-bunny, no less), Rina is an intriguing figure in the blossoming UK scene.

Even more intriguing, though, is a deviant blonde twenty-something who has appeared almost nowhere else but on Fake Hub and its related sites. Misha Mayfair may have been an English lit major, but she’s now far more concerned with getting off in public, shooting for Fake Taxi, Female Fake Taxi, and Fake Driving School as well as a few other Fake Hub sites. A convincing performer with an obvious love of sex and general depravity, Ms. Mayfair could well and truly ignite a very British boner in the US porn-viewing public, should she receive adequate exposure. Watching how Misha oh-so-sexily tosses out tantalizing phrases and suggestions to her driving instructor is bound to send you libido soaring, even if you’re turned off by totally incapable drivers who back into trees at any given opportunity.

Whether crammed into the back of a compact wagon or tossed onto the hood of a sedan and lavishly licked and eaten to orgasm, there’s a throng of British-born and Britain-based pornstars on the rise and, bless their hearts, they’re not afraid ditch the heavy makeup and glamour styling to get down ’n’ dirty shooting sex that’s steeped in fantasy yet feels brilliantly realistic.

Fake Hub and its myriad properties can now be enjoyed throughout the network, which will be featured in a brand new Mr. Pink’s review in the coming weeks.

Fake Hub review

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