Veronica Rodriguez: Goddess of Gush

Veronica Rodriguez: Squirt Goddess

Many religions have for centuries regarded floods as difficult but ultimately positive omens of impending regeneration, change, and progress. Some have also viewed a flood or inundation as the lure of sin and temptation. In both senses, New Sensations’ latest star showcase is a flood, no question. Perhaps gearing up for a new phase of her career or simply enjoying the chance to carry her own feature, Veronica Rodriguez, everyone’s favorite Venezuelan spinner, rises above those pornstars who’ve just toyed with female ejaculation and proves herself a master squirter with few real challengers.

Under the direction of William H., Veronica throws her 95-lb frame into Veronica Rodriguez: Squirt Goddess, four fluid-filled scenes with some of the industry’s hottest women and men. And, in an added bonus, every other woman featured is a squirter, too! Released earlier this month to retail and now completely available online at New Sensations, Squirt Goddess offers fans more ejaculating pussies than most studios get to in a year. To start, in black leatherette thigh-high sock-type pantyhose, Adriana Chechik throws herself at the glammed-up Veronica in anticipation reigning AVN Male Performer of the Year Mick Blue’s arrival. After gushing over each others bodies, drinking up each others juices, and sharing all fluids freely, the moist, shining pair help themselves to Blue’s legendary talent. For once Chechik’s rear passage remains unfilled to not upstage the titular star – someone whose famously teased anal debut (“forthcoming” to her website) has not yet materialized – but the scene is no less intense without anal.

The juice bar remains open and productive-as-fuck when Japanese omnisexual deviant Marica Hase stops by to dive between Veronica’s thighs. New Sensations’ copywriters claim the gals “flood the room,” and I’m not about to challenge that assertion. (They may have been on set, after all, and have the stains to prove it!) A double-ended dildo is put to great use when the ladies’ flooded mouths and drenched bodies need a change of pace, but it’s an indulgent squirt-guzzling extravaganza here, for the most part.

Ramon Nomar is next to stop by and keep Veronica smiling, but she already looks pretty thrilled with her outfit: a jeweled ensemble consisting of head-dress, large necklace, and whatever you call those necklace-like items tied around the waist to attract the eye crotch-wards. As Ramon himself put it, “She vigorously rubbed her pussy igniting her waterworks and choked on my cock before I could dip my stick balls [sic] deep. Every few minutes of fucking had her pouring out until I emptied all my juice down her throat.” (You know, for a fairly recent immigrant to the USA, Mr. Nomar sure has a unique facility with the written English language!)

Now, personally, deciding between Veronica Rodriguez and Samantha Rone wouldn’t be hard at all, though I’m sure many of you would have great difficulty. The esteemed Ms. Rodriguez might have an eternally youthful appearance but she also has at least 12 months of experience on Rone. Maybe her blonde junior can learn a thing or two. About what, I don’t know, as it’s clear Rone’s squirting skills are already well developed. Anthony Rosano, the lucky bastard, thrusts himself into the twin torrents of juice and switches out the blonde for the Latina and vice versa. The other girl meanwhile keeps herself busy with frenetic masturbation and, yes, even more squirting.

Anal has been teased for months, if not years, by Veronica Rodriguez and her digital crew and, while most fans will undoubtedly be clamoring for that milestone to arrive, ignoring the utter liquid insanity that is Veronica Rodriguez: Squirt Goddess is to do yourself a great disservice. Just don’t forget to bring a plastic poncho.


AJ’s Big Black Gangbang

AJ Applegate

There comes a time in every the career of every porno superstar when she throws caution to the wind and embraces the idea of being completely filled, made airtight if you will, by the hefty dongs of her male co-stars. Once Asa Akira leapt into gangbangs, there was no going back, her tenacity making those scenes some of the most viewed and revered of her illustrious career. Coupled with the added (and kinda dated) taboo of interracial sex, any white pornstar taking three or more BBCs in one sitting is undoubtedly bold, brave, and headed for an even hotter phase of her on-screen career.

Third Degree Films knows talent when they see it and they must’ve seen AJ Applegate tearing up the adult industry since her debut back in 2012 and now, after proving herself in HardX’s Gangbang Me by taking on six guys at once, the studio has hired Ms. Applegate, an AVN nominee and rising star, to take on an insane seven-guy squad of today’s biggest black porn studs. Speaking to Fleshbot about the momentous occasion, AJ claimed that it was “absolutely amazing,” something she attributes to the studio (“they just let you fuck and don’t micromanage,”), the guys (“I felt like all the guys I had were really trying to get a connection with me,”), and the woman chosen to supplement the riotous gangbang with a more sedate but equally passionate lesbian scene, Chanell Heart.

Released into the retail world at the tail end of May, My First Black Gangbang should soon make it to the already AJ-heavy Third Movies membership site. But this, the first in what seems to be a new series of IR gangin’ action, poses a question I can’t wait to have answered. So, Third Degree, who’s next?

Buck & Valentina & Boys & Girls

Girl/Boy 2

Ever since she started producing and directing porn, creating her own concepts and style, Dana Vespoli has been pushing boundaries. From lampooning the sharing economy with ScrewberX, shooting female-POV pegging scenes, and bringing fans into an intimate space with her Real Sex Diary series, Vespoli’s sexual imagination seems unbound by the accepted standards of the industry, the audience, or mainstream society at large. Her latest directorial effort is bound to confound and confuse many would-be fans, invite a whole new audience into the Evil Angel world, and arguably cement Valentina Nappi as the most mature, intelligent, and respectable pornstar currently working.

The sequel to Vespoli’s 2013 release Girl/Boy, a title which saw gender-bending, cross-dressing, and transsexualism playing a central role in the sordid affairs of Ms. Nappi, Manuel Ferrara, genderqueer performer Jiz Lee, and Vespoli herself, the upcoming Girl/Boy 2 pushes things even further into the muddled world of gender fluidity. Joining the returning Ms. Nappi and Jiz Lee are Marcus Dupree, Sovereign Syre, Venus Lux, and one of porn’s most controversial, challenging performers, Mr. Buck Angel.

A trans man, producer and director, acclaimed performer, and valiant defender of sexual freedom, Buck Angel has seen some crossover success with documentaries and television series focusing on his life and work. He has made very few appearances in genuine mainstream (read: mostly hetero) pornography, though, directors perhaps not knowing how to frame a man with genitalia usually regarded as female. Buck’s pussy doesn’t go to waste when paired with Nappi, one of the most enthusiastic fuckers of men, women, and trans people porn has seen in years, and they share mutual masturbation, they sixty-nine, they make-out passionately on the sofa.

Vespoli surely knew she was courting controversy with Girl/Boy 2 and pairing of Nappi and Angel. Already Nappi and Angel’s Instagram followers have started bitching and moaning about the pairing of a trans man and one of porn’s current breakout superstar women. Let ’em, say the performers involved, as they turn online complaints into a call to open-armed sexual and gender acceptance. This is brave, bold, original pornography, y’all, and that often seems to be relegated to low-level fetish sites and small-scale semi-pro studios. Seeing Vespoli, Nappi, Angel, and Evil Angel tackling such a risqué subject is about all the proof this reviewer needs that these are among the most vital voices in porn today.