Porn Productions Want You!

Two adult entertainment companies with, uh, adventurous tastes have put out a call for applicants who might bring some fresh new ideas to the fold. And, if you’re handy with a typewriter or know your way around a Canon EOS 7D, you could find yourself livin’ the life and making porn for a living. Oh, you want details? Mr. Pink will give ya details!

mile high media

Those readers with some experience shooting digital video might want to investigate their options with Mile High Media, an industry leader in niche genre content ranging from romantic lesbian (Sweetheart Video) and transsexual porn (TransSensual) to gonzo (Doghouse Digital) and reality porn (Reality Junkies). Based in Mount Royal, Quebec, Mile High might be too, well, foreign for some wannabe pornographers, but moving to Canada is a small price to pay for climbing up another dozen rungs on the adult entertainment ladder of career opportunity. If you’ve been shooting amateur or semi-pro stuff and doing a pretty damn good job of it (if you do say so yourself), why not step into the big leagues?

And, for those of you whose talents lay with the written word more than the photographic frame, and those with an interest in the dirtiest and most taboo-smashing pornography on the planet, there’s Desperate Pleasures’ “Write Your Own Fantasy” contest currently running at TheImpregNation, one of the companies most outrageous pseudo-incest sites. Desperate Pleasures founder JW Ties emphasized the importance of fan contributions, saying “The erotica we make speaks to a need in the market driven by the dirty imaginations of the fans. Where else could we get these ideas?”

So, there you go, cinematographers and porn purveyors alike. There’s the wide-open doorway to the porn world you’ve been waiting for. Sure, one is an actual paying gig and the other just nets you a DVD and some lube, but beggars can’t be choosers.

Applications can be made through Mile High Media and TheImpregNation.

Hardcore Gangbang: Under New (Female) Management

hardcore gangbang has undergone some major changes lately, from a huge network-wide redesign that’s still in beta, to some modifications to its lineup of websites. Now, a classic Kink site is attempting something new and refocusing its attention not only on the bodies of its featured females, but on their own fantasies and desires. Out with the abduction-based, totally male-dominated Hardcore Gangbang of old and in with… Midsummer Night’s Dream fantasies?

Under the direction of Maitresse Madeline (and, to some extent Lorelai Lee), Hardcore Gangbang will now conduct in-depth interviews with featured female performers so that the scenes they shoot won’t be some mindless back-alley thrashing by construction workers* but will instead be based on her own fantasies, desires, and interests. And, boy, we’re off to a racing start!

Anime fan Marica Hase has fantasied about being a magical sprite from her favorite show and, when surrounded by hunky fellas she can’t communicate with, she zaps them with her Marica Magica rays and – ZZAAAP! – she’s naked, bound in ropes, and being whipped by the now naked men, all their throbbing dicks angled at her. Then there’s that Midsummer Night’s Dream concept I mentioned earlier, this one brought to the table by Ella Nova. Putting together a script incorporating elves and an arranged marriage and a fairy godmother, Madeline hopes to help Ella fulfill her fantasy while giving audiences something truly unique, perhaps even bizarre.

The other important element of the new Hardcore Gangbang is the more frank and detailed conversations about the models desires that, in keeping with Kink’s habits, the audience is privy to. Where previous scenes tended to keep men as the aggressors, snatching an unsuspecting woman for their own repugnant needs, now it’s the women’s turn to be in charge. And, yes, that also means women are making the choices to live out faux-abduction fantasies (should they appear here later).

With issues of consent and the apparent endorsement by some porn outfits of a very murky kind of verbalized consent a hot topic on social media and in social commentary today, it’s great to see Kink take a more mature and responsible approach, an approach that also brings its viewers hotter, better, and more satisfying gangbangs than ever before.

Now, the one thing that’s really left to change is the term ‘gangbang’ itself.

*Unless that’s what she wants, of course.

hardcore gangbang review

Beating on a Budget! with DDF Network

ddf netowkr

Denys Defrancesco has, over more than twenty years, established himself as one of Europe’s preeminent pornographers and erotic artists. His online empire has grown too, with DDF Network now hosting 16 exclusive websites, each one dedicated to a slightly different take on Europorn. The sites tackle established genres like big-boobed women (DDF Busty), fellatio (Only Blowjob), and foot fetishism (Hot Legs & Feet), but also try out less defined areas of filmed sexual activity. Hands on Hardcore ramps up a typical sex scene until it’s seared into your memory forever. Hairy Twatter gives women who keep their pubic hair lush and lively a chance to grab the spotlight. Interactivity is the goal of DDF Adventures, and it’s helped along that path by DDF Live Sex, a parade of webcam performers. 1 By Day, House of Taboo, Euro Girls on Girls, Euro Teen Erotica, Sex Video Casting, Eve Angel Official, Cherry Jul, Sandy’s Fantasies, DDF VOD, and the aforementioned sites all combine to give DDF Network an enormous archive of stellar European porn that covers most pornographic bases, and does it in style.

Now discounted from its admittedly high price of $44.99 to only $33.99-a-month, a DDF Network membership should no longer be regarded as too expensive for the average porno fan.

With a network archive holding 13,240 scenes across 16 websites, DDF Network could be viewed as now charging only $2.12-per-month for each of its sites; or, taken on a scene-by-scene basis, each update costs an absolute pittance, only .0025¢! Any way you slice it, that makes DDF Network far more affordable than it usually is. And, with such a huge treasure chest of carnal entertainment on hand, it’s now a network almost impossible to resist.

DDF Network review