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Missy Pinks at MrPinks.comDear Missy Pink,

This is a little embarrassing, but, I need advice. I want to bring the act of spanking into the foreplay my wife and I share, but, I don’t know how to come out and tell her. I’ve made hints and her reply is always the same, something about that being disgusting, sick, weird, etc. I’ve never played my hand far enough for her to know I’m talking about myself wanting to do this, so she doesn’t tell her girlfriends she’s married to a fetish freak. I don’t even know why I want it, but I do, and my excitement level isn’t as high as I know it would be if I could be spanked.

Disciplined Desired

Dear Friend;

Anything that’s not a frequent action in someone’s life can often be seen as odd or different, but that doesn’t mean it will never be tried and incorporated. It seems you’ve been skirting around the issue a bit, and if you’re unclear on the presentation, your wife may be responding with hesitancy, unsure of what your feelings are, hence, leaving her unsure of the direction to reply.

In reading between the lines, I wonder if you’re seeking reassurance for yourself that this fetish feeling you carry is indeed something normal. Allow me to say, I would never say what’s normal and what’s not, it’s different strokes for different folks. With that disclaimer added, I’ll also offer an avenue you’ve maybe not thought about before. For every action in life, sexual or not, there are hundreds of reasons for doing so, and when it comes to spanking, that doesn’t immediately mean you should have a pacifier between your lips and you want to practice infantilism.

Looking at it from a logical standpoint, when a person has their eager butt spanked, the hand, cane, riding crop, hair brush, etc. makes contact with that area of the body, it’s very close to the genitalia, whether male or female. The stinging and burning, the awakening of nerve endings from the contact made radiates to the erogenous zones as part of the foreplay warm up, and there is certainly nothing abnormal about that. So, it could be, that bit of a ticklish tease it gives to your testicles is just another form of stimulation that makes your orgasm more powerful.

Of course there’s also the avenue of your desire to slip into a bit of a submissive role, to have your wife control and discipline you, which is also a form of stimulation for the largest sex organ of the body….the brain.

I seemingly always advise my question makers, honesty is the best policy. Trust in your wife and the bond the two of you share. Let her know it’s just something kinky you’d like to try, and who knows, maybe once you do, it isn’t everything you thought it would be. Variety is the spice of life, and spice belongs in the bedroom as well as the kitchen. Take the bull by the horns and then take your wife by the hand, tell her what you’re feeling and let nature take its course. And that my friend, is an order, don’t miss out on something that you’ll find yourself years later wishing you’d attempted to share with her, life is short, go for the gusto. Do it soon, or….I’ll put you over my knee!

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