Mr. Pink’s Must Haves: Perfect Gonzo

Arguably inspired by the Danish Dogme 95 cinematic movement co-founded by arch provocateur Lars Von Trier, as well as the journalistic philosophy and practice of Hunter S. Thompson from which it gets its name, gonzo porn shot to internet infamy alongside the ubiquity of digital camcorders in the early ‘00s and was quickly adopted by almost every porn studio on the planet. Cheaper and faster to shoot than traditional multi-setup scenes with more involved lighting arrangements, gonzo could bring the immediacy of real sex to adult entertainment in a way nothing before it had been able to.

Perfect Gonzo

Now that 2017’s most popular sites are those embracing either Virtual Reality or character-driven cinematic passion plays, it might seem that gonzo has gone the way of the dodo and Alta Vista. “Not so,” cries Perfect Gonzo, an all-Euro network of ten thrilling hardcore sites. “Gonzo will never die!” Noting the abundance of 4K Ultra-HD videos, a huge drawcard in today’s tech-obsessed culture, I’d have to agree that this network appears to be flying the gonzo flag more loudly and proudly than even the Bang Bros crew.

The ten sites that make up Perfect Gonzo include Ass Traffic, All Internal, Give Me Pink, and Cum for Cover, all top-quality European endeavors that don’t hold back, sexually. The models usually wear heavy eye makeup and the photography can seem a touch airbrushed at times, but none of this gets in the way of the sexual intensity. Anal, DPs, creampies, tag-teaming, group sex, and gangbangs can all be found under Perfect Gonzo’s marquee. On the quieter side, there’s also a series of interviews that, although occasionally difficult to understand due to the thick ’n’ sexy accents, reveal much about the performers and their own carnal proclivities.

A monthly membership to Perfect Gonzo is, for gonzo devotees and Euro-porn fans alike, a Mr. Pink’s Must Have.

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