Vinegar Syndrome to Launch “Netflix of Porn”

Consenting AdultsAs Martin Scorsese works and campaigns for the preservation the most neglected titles in our global cinematic history, so follows Vinegar Syndrome, a Connecticut-based company whose interest in film preservation has a distinctly risque element: it’s vintage porn. Named after a type of celluloid decay that destroys film prints, leaving little but scrap pieces of negative or positive and a distinctly acidic odor, Vinegar Syndrome, which was recently profiled in the New York Times, is a home video company focusing on the erotic, the risque, the exploitation, and the pornographic films of yesteryear.

Having already launched their line of remastered digital, DVD, and Blu-Ray releases (including the monumental dual-format release The Lost Films of Herschell Gordon Lewis), Vinegar Syndrome (or Vin Syn to its friends) has spent months readying itself and its fans for a new way to watch vintage porn and erotica in the highest possible quality… instantly.

Skinaflix aims to cut out the middle-man and allow you to view fully restored and remastered erotica classics from the comfort (and privacy) of your own living room. Now inviting users to try the service prior to launch, Skinaflix will soon providing a streaming what the New York Times described as “older X-rated films but geared toward cinephiles.” Whether this service will lead to a rush of competition or fades into irrelevancy sooner than anticipated remains to be seen. So too, thankfully, does a huge and increasing archive of beautifully restored, brilliantly HD-mastered classics like Good Luck Miss Wyckoff, Graduation Day, Sugar Cookies, Last House on Dead End Street, and The Telephone Book. Kudos, Vinegar Syndrome, you surely are doing the Lord’s work.

To see what Vinegar Syndrome and Skinaflix has in store for users, check out this trailer for Vin Syn’s recent restored Blu-Ray release of 1979’s Good Luck, Miss Wyckoff.

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