PMarizzle No Anal! Fo’ Shizzle?

Phoenix Marie analWord over at Bang Bros is that Phoenix Marie has just seen her very last anal scene hit the WiFi waves, putting an end to a career that has brought boners and smiles to thousands upon thousands of guys, and placed Ms. Marie herself among the ranks of porn’s most astounding performers. So, is she really giving up her gaping anus in favor of vag-only sex, or is that the end of Phoenix Marie as we know it?

Thankfully, it isn’t the latter; Marie isn’t giving up porn for good, just adjusting her career to suit the demands of her lifestyle. Being plugged in the butt by some of the biggest dicks in porn certainly has its drawbacks (or so I’d imagine) and Marie surely doesn’t want to run the risk of a permanently prolapsed rectum or repeated anal tearing, which is completely understandable and could be one of the reasons behind the artificially buxom Arizonan’s decision to focus not on gapes, ATMs, and DPs but on directing, where she hopes to bring all her “sick and twisted pleasures” to the screen.

Considering Marie once told Luke Ford that her biggest fantasy was “With four guys that want to hurt me in a good way, having them shove and do DP. That would be fun,” it’s unlikely she’s hanging up her anal speculum for good, which is good news for us all.

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