Three Years of Cumming Loudly

One of those porn networks easily passed over in favor of the Brazzers and Bang Bros of the industry, Cum Louder recently celebrated its third birthday with a very special scene that, as this shot from its early moments clearly shows, couldn’t be anything but incredible.

Cum Louder

From left to right, that’s Portugal’s NoeMilk, France’s Anissa Kate, Romanian Jasmine Black, and from Bulgaria, Claudia Shotz. And yes, they all appear in the scene, taking on three very lucky gentlemen in an orgy scene that trumps the four-minute clip compilation ‘Best of 2012’ that celebrated Cum Louder’s second year. NoeMilk and Anissa Kate, both powerful and compelling performers in individual scenes, seem especially thrilled to be given the chance to get properly acquainted, grabbing each other by the shoulders and making out passionately while Jasmine and Claudia seem entranced by the poundings they’re receiving.

Cum Louder might not have the 1080i HD videos (720p) and thousands of scenes it promises to prospective members, but for all its faults, any network that can gather talent like this to celebrate its third year of pornographic accomplishment achieved by following is well worth paying attention to.

Welcome to the DollHouse

DollHouse FilmsDanger Core is a network largely devoted to pornstars – Lisa Ann, Ava Addams, Faye Reagan, Stormy Daniels, Kayden Kross, and Jayden Jaymes make their online homes here – but there’s one man making waves with aggressive stylistic experimentation that separates his unique brand of porn from everything else this network (or any other) produces. That man’s name is (strangely enough) Se7en and the site where you can see his kinky softcore stylings is DollHouse Films.

Following on from our recent review of DollHouse Films, I thought I’d take a moment to elaborate on the unique style found here. Se7en has clearly instructed his makeup artists to go for a pseudo-gothic look and the models’ eyes are almost uniformly surrounded by thick dark powder. The black makeup often extends to their lips, Skin Diamond looking especially volatile as she poses before a US flag. This black makeup is all part of the dirty, even filthy aesthetic in place at DollHouse, an aesthetic that also sees Lily Carter, Gracie Glam, Idelsy Love, Heather Vahn and others don leather and latex outfits skimpier than most. You’ll even see Dani Daniels and Nina James take steaming hot showers, lathering their curvaceous bodies with nature’s most essential lubricant, water. Yes, in the hands of DollHouse’s crews and cast members, even water is an erotic artifact with a thrilling purpose!

Se7en’s camera moves in very close to grab powerful images and lusty views of his models as they cavort in the nude and in the aforementioned fetish wear for your entertainment. And, although small in it’s content offerings, DollHouse is nothing if not entertaining as it bridges fetish and kink porn with softcore glamour in one man’s indomitable, spirited style, proving that even without explicit sexual activity, you can still be hardcore.

Groupies Make Life Selector Interesting – Pt. 4


After filling a reasonably large venue with cheers and not jeers, my band Beef Supreme were nowhere to be found, leaving me to wake up on a table surrounded by pills, butts, and bottles, wondering what hotel I ended up in and whether I’d slept past checkout time. Opening the door, I was greeted (and given a headache) by two screaming, bouncing groupies. Dude, I love groupies! I quickly signed their boobs only to be faced with the toughest decision of my morning so far: bang the blonde in the black dress or bang the blonde in the white fishnet top?

Since the girl in black was the only one I could understand as she and her friend gabbed a thousand praises and pleasantries upon meeting me, I choose her – and it only costs me 25 credits! With nothing to lose but my untarnished record for impeccable sexual health and the hangover currently doing a John Bonham on my noggin, I dove in and endeavored to prove to this sycophantic slut that I was no washed-up old rocker but a virile young stud loaded with enough sexual energy to rival Vince Neil or Izzy Stradlin at their best.

“I’m gonna make you horny even if you don’t want me,” she said as she laid back on my hotel bed, spreading her legs and placing two fingers… right… there. “What do you mean ‘if I don’t want you?’ I picked you, didn’t I?” I was clearly still drunk from last night’s after-party, so I decided to simply sit back and enjoy the show. After a minute or two, she reached back, grabbed an empty wine bottle and promised to show me something.


Uh, perhaps I better step in before she gives herself (and me) an infection.


After four minutes of pounding her from behind, I start to feel a familiar sensation rising from deep within me. Although she has offered to let me spank her ass, pull her hair, and stick in her rear, I instead opt to blow. After all, it’s not like I need to keep her around if I’m done with her, right? I must still be high as well as drunk, ’cause for some reason I nut in a half-full beer glass which she dutifully, gleefully downs in one gulp then heads for the door.


Man, I could really get used to this rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle at Life Selector.