Dogfart’s Political Parodies Trump All

Prominent interracial hardcore network network and purveyors of aggressive racially-charged blowbangs, cuckold scenes, and epic “takedowns” of white girls by black guys, black girls by white guys, and black and white girls by each other, the impossibly stupidly named Dogfart Network might still be shaking off its poor choice of handle, but it has a very special ace up its sleeve, an ace that had seemingly gone the way of the dodo and Ford Edsel: absurdist interracial political parody!

dogfart's trumped

Targeting noted resort and casino magnate, reality television star, anti-immigration campaigner, and current candidate for the Republican nomination for President of the United States of America, one Mr. Donald J. Trump for its latest politically-themed parody, Megyn gets Trumped. Shot for Blacks on Blondes and made live August 18th, twelve days after the first Republican debate took place in Cleveland and ignited a feud between candidate Trump and moderator and Fox News pundit (and conservative babe) Megyn Kelly after Kelly asked Trump about previously made statements disparaging women’s appearances. After a stern back-and-forth that not only increased Trump’s profile and popularity, but the outrage directed at him by many left-leaners and women, the battle was well and truly established, with both parties taking to social media to vent their frustrations. Where many would’ve crumbled, Kelly stood her ground, reportedly saying “It’s okay, I’m a big girl, I can take it.” And take it she did.

Dogfart’s epic Megyn Gets Trumped not only see James Bartholet playing the real-estate tycoon but the remarkable Cherie DeVille in the role of Ms. Kelly. Always straight to the point, “The Donald” brings in two hung-as-fuck black bulls to prove to his new (and very foxy) nemesis that, as he implied during the debate, women are best on their knees. Avoiding another verbal assault from Kelly, this time in the green room, The Donald stands back and watches as Kelly loses control and opens herself up for a slamming more aggressive than any thrown her way by Trump-supporters post-debate. Although I’m glad Dogfart is getting in early with the first notable parody of the 2016 presidential election campaign season, but I can’t help but anticipate the next phase of parodies. Will Barack leave Hillary a stiff, black, vibrating replica of himself in the Oval Office? Will Democratic hopeful Bernie Sanders invite rumored running mate Elizabeth Warren over for a chat, provide her with free contraception, assure her of pay equal to an equivalent man, then ask her to prove her dedication to achieving racial harmony by draining the balls of fifteen or twenty black guys? Dear Gods of Dogfart, please hear my prayer!

April Flores: Fat Girl Fantasizing

april flores

After winning two AVNs for BBW Performer of the Year in 2014 and 2015, April Flores, the only performer to ever win the twice-awarded trophy, was in a state of flux. Along with her greatest accolades yet came the grief of losing her husband, late photographer Carlos Batts, who died at age 40 of natural causes in late 2013, just months before her first win. Initially proposed to her by genderqueer producer/performer Courtney Trouble, Flores’ newest endeavor is shaping up to be her magnum opus: a members-only site featuring plus-sized and BBW models but largely focusing on her own “filthy” sexual exploits. The site? Fat Girl Fantasies.

Not content to tread the same ground as other BBW sites, those that simply shoot nude and sexually active BBW women and call it a day, Ms. Flores seems to be attempting to create a far more personal kind of porn guided by the desires of its featured models. Casting other large women alongside her interminably sexy self, Flores is aided in her erotic adventuring by Kitty Stryker, Karla Lane, Jade Rose, Eliza Allure, and Cinnamon Maxxine. Hell, even porn’s tiniest Asian-American anal whore, Asa Akira, drops by to suckle at Flores’ ample breast.

asa akia and april flores

In honor of Batts’ contribution to adventurous, taboo-destroying adult entertainment, Flores named her new site after her late husband’s last book, Fat Girls, a photographic study of his partner taken over the course of twelve years, and hopes his spirit will live on in her own work. Quoth the creator herself: “Fat Girl Fantasies developed from love—the love between friends who use the medium of pornography to express themselves. Fat Girl Fantasies was conceived from the need to show the world how beautiful and desirable a sexual fat woman is.” And who better for that job than April Flores?

Dana DeArmond: Blowjob Master

dana dearmond throated

Personally, I wasn’t aware that any guy with ambitions of bro-hood needed much guidance. After all, the typical bro is concerned with only five things: video games, beer, money, and pussy; what’s left to talk about? Well, apparently there’s enough to keep BroBible publishing its advice for would-be champions of bro-dom. In a recent recap of a viral video created by those controversial Simple Pickup bros, BroBible declared Dana DeArmond not only a more adept cocksucker than Alix Lynx or Skin Diamond, but the unquestioned queen of fellatial technique. Not convinced? Allow my fellow oral enthusiasts and I to make a case for Ms. DeArmond’s supremacy. But first, you’d best watch Porn Stars Give Blowjob Advice.

Skin and Alix didn’t exactly stumble when it came to demonstrating some crucial techniques, no, but compared to the fearless and masterful displays of skill from Dana, they should be headed back to porno boot camp for remedial instruction. Dana DeArmond’s enthusiasm for sucking dick seems to know no bounds. Case in point, check out this preview from Throated:

While Skin Diamond’s all “Get it sloppy…. if their eyes roll back keep doing that thing,” and Alix demonstrates a few tepid licks and slurps, Dana compares fellatio to being a carnival clown trying to take the biggest ping-pong on the midway, stretching her remarkably flexible maw to accommodate not only her own orange popsicle but both her and her enthusiastic blonde student’s deep into her throat. Then, as if asked to top the most daring instruction yet given, she invites her student to fist her gaping mouth. Soon DeArmond is leaning backwards over a table to illustrate the bed-edge overhang technique, adding that “Crying is ok, too.”

It’s all over much too soon, of course, but thankfully Dana DeArmond can be seen sucking dick as masterfully as any woman on Earth on a plethora of adult websites and left both her students and all aspiring fellatio masters with an eloquent and inspiring piece of advice to “Suck life’s dick!”