Catching Up With Jada, Audrey, Amia

It’s always great to see established adult talent branch out into uncharted waters and while Jada Stevens, Audrey Hollander, and Amia Miley are well known professional deviants of varying caliber, the time has clearly come for all three to embark on new adult adventures. (Or, in Ms. Miley’s case, a long awaited return to familiar territory.)

jadavapeJada Stevens, she of Elegant Angel – Buttwoman fame, is determined to have all her pot-smoking fans taking hits from their very own Jada Stevens Limited Edition Vape from Kind Pen as they beat themselves onto an elevated mental and physical plane. That’s right, all you 420-friendly fappers can now use an officially licensed Jada Stevens product to literally get high off Jada! The vape pen even comes decorated with a cutesy (and relatively SFW) cartoon of the endorser’s legendary derriere. Flame on, Jada!

audrey hollander does america

Once considered by many to be the filthiest woman in American porn, flaming redhead anal fiend (and author!) Audrey Hollander may have been off many Mr. Pink’s readers’ radars for a while but she’s about to make a spectacular return splash – if she can get the cash together. Turning to crowdfunding site IndieGoGo in order to come up with the $25,000 budget required for a movie she promises will be “something different… something downright wild and crazy,” the once ubiquitous star hopes to shoot a country-crossing feature called Audrey Does America that will see her fuck someone different in seven of the nation’s finest cities. Fans contributing funds to the campaign receive perks ranging from digital downloads and autographed 8x10s to a walk-on extra role and, the greatest prize of all, the task of keeping Audrey personally entertained throughout your very own co-starring scene. (Speaking of… anyone wanna loan me about five gees?)

While Audrey galavants across the USA sucking dick, blowing gas and filling her ass, and marking her territory with volcanic squirts, and while Jada gets her fans higher and higher on her incomparable ass, one-time porno It Girl and current pantie saleswoman, Amia Miley, has announced plans for a (mainstream boy-girl) comeback and will be following the likes of Peta Jensen, Kissa Sins, and Shawna Lenee in accepting an exclusive contract with Brazzers. Devoting herself to one of her “favorite companies” for six scenes, Amia hasn’t yet declared when her first new Brazzers scene will go live but promises it’ll be worth the wait. “After four years of being away from dick, I love it!”

Tristan Taormino’s Guide to Pegging

pegging lola foxx

Tristan Taormino should be a name familiar to many of you – or at least to those of you into fellatio training, locating the G-spot, or rough sex – and who better to turn to the in the days after International Strap-On Week in search of advice to help you use your new device. Oh, what? You didn’t indulge and finally let your lady assume the dominant position in your bedroom? Well, here’s what lies in store for those already set on engaging in some pegging, courtesy of one of our favorite sexologists.

Tristan Taormino's Guide to Anal Pleasure for Men

The first key to a good, smooth introduction to pegging, says Taormino’s Good Vibrations blog, is communication. Shut off your iPhone, drop the remote, and start discussing everything involved in your decision to try pegging. Assuming it’s a new experience, you’ll have some fear or trepidation that be coaxed away by declaring those worries and discussing them openly. You’ll know she knows you’re concerned about blah-blah, and she’ll be extra careful when blah-blahing.

Some more practical concerns apply, too, of course, one of which contradicts an age-old classic rule of intercourse: “Spit is not lube!” (And here we thought “If it gets you wet, it’s a sure bet!”) Saliva, according to our anal-play educator, does not cut it when it comes to the rear passage. Using a thick, water-based lube is preferred. And use a lot. (Like, really a lot.) One of the primary concerns of those intrigued but not sold on male anal play is what some call “The Ick Factor.” Yes, that’s where you shed your bodily waste, so you’d wanna get well and truly clean before letting anyone venture back there, wouldn’t you? Take a bath and polish up or devote yourself to an enema. Either way, some “ick” may remain so you might want to have your partner wear a glove, for smoothness of digital insertion as well as sanitation. It’s important to warm up and stretch before getting deep into it, so let’s hope she has nimble fingers.

Finding a harness and dildo that fits and suits your style is also hugely important, of course, and Good Vibrations has, of course, provided a fucking fantastic text-and-video guide to finding the right equipment for you, right here. Then it’s just a matter of putting all your knowledge, conversations, and experiments into play. Find the right speed and angle for your activity, create some great visual pathways with plenty of eye contact, let your free hand/s wander or head for their favorite spot, and, most importantly of all, feel good and enjoy yourself.

Now, if you need a more visual guide to pegging, Tristan Taormino’s Guide to Anal Pleasure for Men (with Penny Flame, Jandi Lin, Annie Cruz, Christian XXX) is available from Vivid-Ed and can also be viewed online at Videobox.

Mr. Pink’s also suggests Evil Angel for pegging videos.

The Business of Women is Good Business

Unless you’re devoutly asexual and keep yourself as removed from popular culture as possible – in which case, what the fuck are you doing reading my blog? – you’d be aware that erotic literary sensation, the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy, eventually did make it to the big screen and did cause some controversy upon its release. Now that the hubbub has mostly subsided and audiences are seeing 50 Shades for the safely lukewarm wade through BDSM’s often tumultuous waters that it is, there’s GirlsWay’s newest feature production to take the 50 Shades premise and run with it. Only this time, there’s no stoic and emotionally inaccessible corporate executive to do the spanking. Instead, it’s GirlsWay’s most acclaimed all-girl performers.

business of women

Launching its six-part feature series in early May and recently adding its third episode, GirlsWay takes 50 Shades into hardcore lesbian porn territory and brings India Summer, Charlotte Stokely, Shyla Jennings, and Vanessa Veracruz along for what is already proving to be a risque, if not wild ride. Recasting the original novel’s dominating Christian Grey with one of porn’s most intimidating veterans, India Summer, and casting fresh-faced Samantha Rone as his submissive new employee, GirlsWay flips around a predictable situation. Rone plays a call-girl whose life isn’t as luxurious or rewarding as she’d hope. One last date changes all that when Rone walks into the office of Summer, who immediately lays down the law: her word is law and any disobeying will be dealt with harshly. Taking the young pro into her inner sanctum and, after consummating their sizzling sexual tension, going so far as to invite Rone to be her obedient little slut-seducing machine, Summer’s complete control of her lackey is evident.

Chapter Two, Homecoming, sees Charlotte Stokely enter the picture playing Summer’s assistant. By no means the boss, Stokely still demands obedience from Rone and humiliates her before her new boss and lover. Stokely’s revenge unfolds, however, and sees Rone dealing with the prospect that she, like four other women before her, could wind up mysteriously disappearing after Summer gets through with her. Upsetting her boss, Stokely’s antics earn her and Rone a disciplinary lesson they won’t soon forget.

The latest installment of the sexually scorching and photographically lustrous GirlsWay series, The Secret, sees Summer’s former sub Vanessa Veracruz plotting her revenge after being cruelly dismissed. But what role does Abigail Mac play and just how dangerous will Veracruz prove to be? Fuck, man, we need answers and we’re being made to wait for them!

The Business of Women, Part Four: Taking the Bait is due for release on the GirlsWay network June 29th with two more chapters to follow in July.