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Part of the prize package awarded to Twistys Treat of the Year winners and runners-up for 2014 included a shooting assignment in Costa Rica, but even after the winners were announced and Mss. Aniston, Veracruz, and Alexandra started celebrating with their devoted fanbases, changes were being made that would see a different trio head to Costa Rica for what the original contestants were apparently not informed would be a boy-girl hardcore shoot. According to accusations lobbed from Camps Veracruz, South, and Alexandra, as well as from former star Brett Rossi, Twistys hasn’t been treating its girl-girl performers quite the same since being bought by Manwin (now MindGeek), the Luxembourg-Based multinational corporation that now owns Brazzers, Digital Playground, Mofos, and Twistys. Apparently as part of MindGeek’s allegiance to hetero hardcore, Twistys has been moving away from more sedate and sensual solo and lesbian sex scenes to the unexpected extent that its head honchos decided girl-girl performers Veracruz and Alexandra wouldn’t work out, legitimate runners-up or not. Instead of honoring the fans and awarding the real winners, though, it seems Twistys just upped and pulled the rug from under two of its most deserving stars. Instead arousing suspicion by appointing a performer under exclusive contract to Manwin.

Madison Ivy

And now, the Twistys forums are down, vocally critical members and models have been denied Twistys access, the #BoycottTwistys hashtag is trending hard on Twitter, Madison Ivy is smoking herself silly in beautiful Costa Rica, awaiting a dicking originally intended for someone else, and Vanessa Veracruz is offering free memberships to her official website to any former Twistys member that emails proof of their cancellation. And you, where are you on this matter? Since Twistys and Manwin have both stayed remarkably silent on the issue, it’s hard to know what’s really going on. Are you siding with your go-to smut merchants, Twistys, or aligning yourself with the embattled girl-girl performers whose very livelihoods may be under threat as a result of business indiscretions and a lack of respect for performers and fans alike?

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