Vibrating on Another Dimension

Sex & ZenIn August of last year, I blogged about 3D Sex & Zen: Extreme Ecstasy, Hong Kong’s highest grossing Category III (18-years-and-over) movie ever. At the time, I, like many of you, assumed the Sex & Zen series would likely end there and possibly be rebooted/remade/remastered in 3D. Nope. “Fuck that,” yawned producer of this three-dimensional pornographic phenomenon, Stephen Shiu “we need to find the next dimension!” And find it they did, giving it the rather uninspired name of 4. But just what is the fourth dimension? Well, according to early reports, it involves vibrating cinema seats. No shit?

With no release date in sight and little but a title, 4D Sex & Zen: Slayer of a Thousand from the Mysterious East, to toss to his buddies in the entertainment media, Shiu is nonetheless determined to have every viewer of his 4D opus buzzing along with every orgasmic thrust. While it sounds unlike anything you or I might have heard of before, vibrating cinema seats isn’t exactly a revolutionary idea. The first attempt at buzzing the butts of cinema patrons was made back in the aftermath of WW II to a rather pitiful reception.

So, really, isn’t this just another ploy to keep dollars flowing into cinemas and not the hands of bootleggers. Is there some way those who purchase 4D Sex & Zen on DVD or Blu-Ray will be able to enjoy the vibrations experienced by cinema-goers (without stealing their girlfriend’s rabbit)? I’m no expert and I can’t say for sure, but I’ll be sure to ask my friendly Chinatown DVD merchant the next time I drop by to pick up a Hong Sang-Soo DVD for a paltry $6 USD and wonder why I hardly ever go to the movies anymore

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