Vicky Vette, Legal Eagle

Ok, so Vicky Vette may not actually be a bar association member or legal professional of any kind, but she is quite crafty with a lawsuit. On March 29 2012, a Los Angeles court denied a motion by AdultFriendFinder and that called for dismissal of Vette’s charges that these parties, both owned by Penthouse, used her likeness to advertise on thousands of banner ads and promo graphics without her permission. With the motion to dismiss denied, Vette’s case can now proceed to trial, but this is but a piss in the ocean when it comes to adult performers holding control of their likenesses and imagery. So, what’s the word from Ms. Vette on the issue?

“It is outrageous that AdultFriendFinder can think it it’s ok to use my image without even letting me know. I think it’s a scam on me & the general public. I am not sure where this ranks in the ‘annals’ of jurisprudence but I am happy with the result in Court. I know of at least three other girls in the business they are doing the exact same thing to, including Bibi Jones, Carmen Valentina & Gisele. I had nothing but respect for Danni and Penthouse (which owns AdultFriendFinder) so I am a bit stunned they would treat adult stars this way.”

Vette’s attorney, Michael Kernan, Esq. told “AdultFriendFinder argued it had model releases barring any claims, but the Court was not convinced anything covered the image in question.” Now perhaps other adult stars will take action against what is clearly a crime of misinformation and false advertising perpetrated against those who might consider joining AdultFriendFinder, which claims to have a registered community of more than forty-one million users, by those cashing the checks on their sexual frustration.

Adult FriendFinder

Might I suggest, Andi San Dimas, Dana DeArmond, Harmony Rose, and Melanie Rios, that you all consult an attorney immediately? And can I have some kind of finder’s fee? Thirty percent should do it. Cheers.

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