Whatever Happened to Nicole Ray?

Nicole RayA once promising pornstar, someone who was just making a name for herself in an industry rife with abandoned careers, has seemingly vanished whether by choice, necessity, or force. Nicole Ray, the petite blonde from Illinois, started shooting adult material in or around her 19th year. Available biographies place her date of birth at November 4th 1989, making Ray a perfect fit for “teen” movies. After four years of shooting for every company from Bang Bros to Naughty America, from Girlfriend Films to Hustler Video, Nicole seemed to be on the cusp of even greater success. Then, with Deep Throat This #55 from Peter North’s North Pole Entertainment as her swan song, Nicole Ray seemed to disappear from porn.

Investigating her apparent retirement, I came upon a few curious clues that suggested Nicole’s exit from adult entertainment might not have been as smooth as we’d previously assumed. Her partner in Deep Throat This #55 was not the North god of ejaculate, Peter North himself, nor was it North’s credited co-dick, Johnny Fender. Sweet, darling Nicole was instead stuck in a BJ scene with “guy”, an un-credited stunt-cock whose identity remains under wraps to this day. Was Nicole Ray the victim of “guy’s” penchant for imprisoning young women in his underground dungeon or did she simply say to herself “Enough is enough, I’m moving to retail!”? What really happened to cause Nicole Ray to apparently leave the porn world for good, leaving no Tweet, no MySpace bulletin, no Facebook status update to clue us into the next stage of her career, erotic or otherwise?

Is X Dead, a site billed as “Celebrity Deathwatch”, suggests that Nicole Ray is still with us, 1672 people voting for her continued life and only 679 people assuming (or knowing!?) she has passed on. @NicoleRayxxx’s long dormant Twitter page redirects visitors to @NicoleRayxoxox, claiming it as the profile where she’ll post “day to day”, but that profile doesn’t exist. Nicole’s MySpace page is private and she hasn’t accepted the friend request I sent about eight months ago. Frankly, I’m starting to get a tad concerned.

Nicole Ray, if you’re out there somewhere, what are you doing with your time and vagina these days? Was it exhaustion, education, proposal of marriage, that syphilis outbreak, or just plain boredom that led you away from the small screen and back into civilian life? If you read this, Nicole, let word filter back into the pornosphere telling us that you’re okay and that no tragedy has befallen you, our golden haired angel of promise who we all miss so much.

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