When Prince Yahshua Broke His Dick

You’ve not doubt heard horror stories taking place in otherwise enticing, intimate situations that resulted in gushing blood and a trip to the emergency. Yes, folks, the dreaded “broken dick” happens to more men than would admit to it, but there’s one man who’s apparently more than happy to discuss his now fully recovered member’s battle with the break. No, I’m not talking about MMA fighter Ray Elbe who broke his penis fucking his girlfriend in Malaysia late last year. I’m talking about this guy…

Prince Yahshua

Prince Yahshua, who’s official Pornstar Platinum website recently went under the ol’ Pink-O-Scope, was mid-scene, fucking Bethany Benz when he and everyone else on set heard a sharp crunching sound. Blood gushed from Prince’s penis and was later described with the poor fella as being “like five to six people got massacred in the room; not killed, massacred”. Biting his lip to maintain his consciousness, Prince was rushed to hospital where he was told he’d lost a pint-and-a-half of blood and would require 32 stitches to repair his torn urethra.

The doctor who performed the usually 80 or 90 minute procedure took a little longer with this patient, allegedly because he both knew who he was and was a fan of Prince’s work! After three hours under the knife and another three days in hospital recovering, Prince and his new friend, the catheter, headed home for a sex-less recuperation. When I asked the Silverback Entertainment head honcho how long his recovery took, he responded as matter-of-factly as I’m sure anyone who’s suffered such a debilitating and potentially embarrassing injury would…

So, while you might think you’ll be safe from “the ol’ crack and gush” by sticking to standard sexual positions, avoiding additional partners, avoiding larger women, and watching your pre-sex hydration, think again. Prince Yahshua, one of the biggest and hardest working men in porn, broke his dick fucking the gorgeous and slim Bethany Benz (134 lb) in that second most common girl-on-top positions, reverse cowgirl. Clearly, when it comes to broken dicks, no man is absolutely safe.

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