Win a Date with Lisa Ann!

Lisa Ann FleshlightSome dude serving in the US Marine Corps requested a date with Friends With Benefits star, Mila Kunis, and got it. Soon after a woman solider serving alongside him asked out Kunis’s co-star, Justin Timberlake, who gladly donned a tux and escorted his fan to the Instructor Battalion Marine Corps Ball. You, all the you want is a date with a pornstar. Which pornstar doesn’t really matter, but, hey, Lisa Ann’s fucking stunning so why not her? Well, now the leading manufacturer of sexual aids for men, Fleshlight offers you a chance to escort the one and only Ms. Lisa Ann herself to the 2012 AVN Awards in Las Vegas. All you’ve gotta do is head on over to Fleshlight’s webstore and buy one of Lisa’s signature Fleshlights and you could be flown to Vegas to accompany everyone’s favorite über MILF to the AVN Awards, a gala event every porn fan dreams of attending.

And, hey, if you don’t win, you’ll still have your fantasies and a brand new Barracuda or Forbidden Fleshlight molded with the incomparable Lisa Ann’s vagina or asshole, and that, dear reader, ain’t nothing to sneeze at.

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