Mr. Pink’s Weekly Report – July 26th, 2018

mrpinksThis week at Mr. Pink’s Porno Analysis Lab of Doom, we took our sweet-ass time examining the rich, immersive contents of two VR smut sites catering to two very different kinds of sexual situations. 18VR does its best to deliver sexy young Euro-thangs in intimate, steamy hardcore hookups, each one a 3D world of sex with one role left to fill. VRCosplayX, on the other hand, steers well away from discernible reality and creates lush, vibrant fantasy scenes that place your cock inside alien critters, video game vixens, movie heroines, and even cartoon princesses beloved the world over. If reality’s getting you down, you now know where to turn for erotic escape, and where to go for the latest lowdown on porn both 2D and 3: Mr. Pink’s Porn Reviews!

Free Stormy!

Story Daniels may be best known for allegedly banging the current Commander in Chief – and, in the face of serious (alleged) intimidation, and threats to her safety and livelihood, standing up to some of the most powerful people in the country – but, in her professional life (when she’s not getting arrested/harassed on some utter bullshit or another), she’s one of the most accomplished and well regarded in her field. Thankfully for us, that field is fucking on film.

This year may have been Ms. Daniels’s most tumultuous thus far, what with the media spotlight being intensely trained on her and police busting in on her while on the job, but the AVN, XRCO, and NightMoves Hall of Famer found time to be featured in her very first Brazzers scene, much to the delight of fans eager to see her away from Vivid, Wicked, and the like. Penthouse magazine did Stormy the honor of naming her the Penthouse Pet of the Century (though it didn’t specify which century) and Digital Playground paired her again with Keiran Lee for a parody of Colbert’s nightly nut-up entitled The Fellate Show (still to arrive).

Now, personally, Stormy Daniels never really did all that much for me. Not my type. Not a regular viewer of her usual studios. Blah blah blah. This year, all that changed with one image: this one.

Stormy Daniels

Now, that’s an image I never thought would prove such a turn-on so as to totally sway my opinion of a singular adult performer. The slow burning fire in her eyes; her that stoic resolve: that look of “Oh, is that all you fuckers got?”

Embattled she may be, this is Stormy’s year, let there be no doubt.

Mr. Pink’s Weekly Report – July 16th, 2018

Since last we spoke directly, dear reader, I, Mr. Pink, your valiant investigator of porn of all kinds, has assessed two more offerings from the gods of digital eroticism. First up this week, a brand new review of BaDoink VR, one of the strongest VR porn efforts going today and home to a bevy of charming carnal performers eager to immerse you in their lust. Innocent Holes, another site from the DDF crew, also offered up some scintillating sex, but far less of it and unfortunately without the added “oomph” of an illusory third dimension. Whether it’s tight European teens or a VR sexperience that will change how you view porn forever, Mr. Pink can point you in the right direction!