Fans Fund Adult Gaming at Kimochi


Last week Mr. Pink’s brought you the lowdown on an oddity in the adult entertainment world: an online game emporium loaded with independently-owned titles created by some very promising and often quite accomplished game designers. Unlike the mainstream gaming world and its obsession with violence as primary vice, the majority of games featured at Nutaku explored lust, love, attraction, and all sorts of fetishes and taboos. Some were free. Others cost anywhere up to $60. Some were single player text-based adventures. Others were massive multiplayer online experiences designed to keep you participating and growing the world along with your virtual sexual opportunities and triumphs. “But where,” I hear you ask, “does a designer get the time and funding to produce such epics of immersive adult entertainment when he’s likely got bills to pay, a family to feed, and real career opportunities to explore?” That, my friends, is where crowd-funding platform Kimochi comes in.

Claiming to essentially be the unicorn of crowdfunding websites – anime! porn! a no-profit M.O. that keeps the money in game development! – Kimochi presents its Red Light program to aspiring adult gaming entrepreneurs to help them finish and launch their creations, and to bring these games to a wide international audience. Designers from France, the UK, and the USA are among those turning to Kimochi Red Light for support, and to a prospective base of gamers willing to lend a hand financially. Taking donations of all sizes and allotting Rewards for contributions of different amounts, from exclusive digital character sketches and design previews to early beta release access, in-game credits, and premium bonus content to enhance your playing experience, each design team details their plans, their progress, and aim to please those who help them reach their goals.

Anyone who found Nutaku’s strong selection of produced games, ready to be played and enjoyed and obsessed over by a salivating one-handed audience of adult gamers, enticing should scope out Kimochi’s various offerings. From visual novels to RPGs to dating sims to card and puzzle games, there’s a burgeoning generation of sex-savvy game designers that need your help and really only one place to go, digital funds in hand, to ensure the survival and success of their games. Nice work, Kimochi! Yatta!

XXX Gaming with Nutaku


Having slowly but surely risen to a position of dominance in the entertainment industry after decades of dismissal and ridicule, video games are now considered both powerful economic commodities and intrinsically artistic creations. So, in that way at least, the Final Fantasy series is kinda like one of Mike Adriano’s longer-running, high-numbered anal exploration series. There has been many attempts to meld adult entertainment and gaming to varying success over the decades. Now, with Twitch and Steam making online gaming more communal than ever, many adult gamers have been clamoring for a digital repository for the best in sexually oriented gaming from the thousands of designers and engineers trying to push the art form to its next level. That’s where Nutaku comes in…

Nutaku acts as an eye-catching online games store in which almost every single title is of a seriously sexual nature. From RPGs and action-adventure to trivia, card, and puzzle games to massively multiplayer online fantasy worlds inhabited by nubile wenches with whom you can, if you play your gin rummy right, copulate. In three main categories – Browser, Downloadable, and Mobile Games – Nutaku provides something for every adult gaming fiend. Well, as long as your tastes align with hentai tropes, that is. Almost exclusively styled in the traditions of Japanese animation, the varying types of games allow for different levels of immersion, character development, and intricate plotting. The more basic games provide modest obstacles to be easily overcome and each success is rewarded handsomely by a wanton vixen. Other games reward your return visits to Nutaku and your continued dedication to a created character.

Fans of the classic Leisure Suit Larry series will recognize that character and game’s influence here with most of the non-hentai Nutaku titles following a similar path to the myriad misadventures of that most famous of pixilated lotharios. Other more-Western offerings see card games with decks adorned with photos of known pornstars and loose parodies or lampoons of US entertainment properties. Mostly, though, it’s hentai-style angels, demons, pixies, cyborg warriors, princesses, schoolgirls, and other feisty female sprites that you’ll be gawking at, one hand on your mouse, the other who-knows-where.

Nutaku is free to join and, upon validating their provided email address, each member can freely partake of more than twenty free in-browser games or choose to spend Nutaku’s currency, digital gold coins, which can be purchased for roughly USD 1¢ each, on downloadable games (from the current collection of 72). Downloadable games are priced between $1 and $45, most of the higher-priced titles being Visual Novel titles – essentially a manga/anime/hentai hybrid form. System requirements are posted with every title and generally allow for use on Windows and Mac systems, as well as occasional Linux support. In-browser games are presented via Flash and Java and should work flawlessly with latest versions of Firefox and Chrome.

One of the more unique aspects of Nutaku is the facilitation of discussion between gamers and game designers that aims to lead both parties towards a more fulfilling and enjoyable style of adult gaming. In fact, Nutaku is even tied to Kimochi, a crowd-funding site exclusively for adult game projects. We’ll be taking a look at Kimochi’s burgeoning breakthrough games. Until then, why not mosey on over to Nutaku and see what kind of trouble you can get yourself into, virtually speaking?

Mr. Skin’s 2016 Guide to Nudes

Mr. Skin

For many, 2016 has been one disaster after another. Cultural icons seemed to kick the bucket en masse, taking away many shining lights of our entertainment-addicted lives. Mr. Skin, intrepid pointer-out of celebrity nudity, once just female but now also male, takes to his blog roll around this time every year to recap the best and most beautiful appearances of naked female celebrity skin on the small screen. And, thankfully, this year delivered some treats that could help reinvigorate your interest in 2017.

Mr. Skin’s 2016 Top Ten sees notable names and almost-complete unknowns share list space on shows for HBO, Netflix, Starz, and other networks, confirming that TV is indeed getting more raunchy and risqué with every passing season. Still need proof to get you back on the sofa? How about these ten skin-baring turns from Hollywood sex symbols both legend and debutante?

Chelsea Handler is rarely shy about baring her naked body and this season of Chelsea was no different, seeing the host take a topless dip in a Russian bath house. Lina Esco of Audience Network’s MMA drama Kingdom took the ninth spot thanks to her wild and numerous sex scenes. Ruby Modine, daughter of actor Matthew, followed in her dad’s nude-friendly footsteps in Shameless for Showtime, which also saw Sasha Alexander and Sherilyn Feen ditch their duds. Cinemax’s original series Quarry showcased Jodi Balfour in what seemed like an abundance of sex scenes baring her breasts and butt. Ashley Green of detective drama Rogue got naked alongside Thandie Newton and Kira Clavell, earning her a spot at #6.

Game of Thrones is well known for its gritty violence and copious sexual activity, some of which involved Eline Powell and her perfect pair of bared breasts. Arguably the most famous name on Mr. Skin’s 2016 list, Olivia Wilde stepped from her costumes in HBO’s massively ill-advised music industry drama Vinyl, at least giving viewers a strong reason to keep tuning in. The top three places on the list went not to individual actresses but to the shows that host them: HBO’s Westworld remake saw plenty of onscreen flesh from Evan Rachel Wood, Ingrid Bolso Berdal, and Thandie Newton (again); Joe Swanberg’s indie drama Easy delivered more sex than many erotic movies, bringing the bods of Malin Akerman, Kate Micucci, Elizabeth Reaser, Aislin Derbez, and Emily Ratajkowski to the screen. Somewhat predictably topping the list is a show that, had it not featured plenty of nudity and blatant fucking, would have gone unwatched by millions (more). The Girlfriend Experience, based on the Steven Soderbergh movie starring Sasha Grey, served up many salacious moments starring Riley Keough (Elvis’s granddaughter!) and a handful of awesome indie actresses.

For the full rundown on who placed where and why, check out Mr. Skin’s Podcast. And, hey, while you’re there, why not consider a membership to the greatest celebrity skin venture ever embarked upon?

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