Hustler Responds to Mobile Demands


Now that pornography is well and truly as portable as your car keys and can be viewed in High Definition on mobile devices while you sneak off for another post-lunch bathroom break at work, keep yourself occupied on a long bus ride, or help yourself relax while stuck in bed injured or ill. Hustler, one of porn’s preeminent studios, knows this well and has just unveiled proof of its dedication to mobile viewing of its two leading websites, Hustler and Barely Legal.

Now equipped with “responsive” designs, Hustler and Barely Legal are now more easily viewed on all kinds of devices. Testing the site first on my desktop with Google Chrome and Firefox, then on iOS, both sites fluidly adapted to my screen resolution and format. Your various scene options now display with active thumbnail previews, many sorting options, and a cleaner yet more informative layout.

Photos were promised to be included in the upgrade, supposedly earning themselves new “higher impact” frames. That doesn’t appear to have been the case with far too many recently added galleries stuck in dismal 800px resolutions with no sign up a 3000px fantasy upgrade on the horizon. Viewing copies of Hustler’s various magazine publications, once printed, now digitized, is also easier and more fluid thanks to an a greatly improved user interface. All of these improvements are helping not only keep Hustler in the hardcore game, but helping to make Hustler’s porn a real a treat to view.

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