Is ThriXXX’s Latest Just Vaporware?

Earlier this week, Mr. Pink’s brought you news of the latest technological leap toward complete virtual sexual fulfillment, the VRSexKit from ThriXXX. But the hype surrounding this seemingly complete virtual sex package has been called severely lacking by at least one critic. Kyle Machulis, a blogger specializing in the teledildonics (remotely actuated sexual experience), says ThriXXX’s latest endeavor is nothing more than “a pure marketing video” and calls ThriXXX founder Brad Abram “a smart dude” who “rode in early on the Kinect stuff” but hasn’t made any major strides in actually harnessing the technology for effective user-end use.

Machulis, whose Slashdong blog is loaded with fascinating pieces on the merging of the porn and gaming/tech worlds, also claims “no one has proved they want this [technology]”; a pretty bold claim considering various attempts to offer consumers an immersive virtual reality sex experience have been in the works since the very beginnings of 3D, VR, and photorealistic video gaming.

What do you say, readers? Would you shell out fifteen hundred bucks to titty-fuck this cyberbabe?

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