Webcam Love Pt. 3

As my work reviewing Private Feeds began to wind down and I was running out of polite but firm ways of criticizing various elements of the site’s operation, it came time to say goodbye to HoneyBunny. She looked disappointed that we had never managed to cybernetically consummate our online relationship and told me as much. I admitted the same. Just before I finally left her room and the site for the night, she did me a wonderfully erotic favor by stepping back from the camera and turning to the side, showing me her delightfully curvy body in all its glory. A truly generous and courteous woman! I tipped her one last time. She blew me half-a-dozen kisses, ignoring the other two guys in the room until they shut up and acknowledged our blossoming romance. And then it was all over… or so it seemed.

Before heading off to bed – it was now nearing daybreak; I’m a night owl but this was a bit too late even for me – I sent HoneyBunny a direct message through Private Feeds’ messaging system. I was half expecting to receive no reply, assuming she’d be too busy coaxing tokens out of other horny fellas. What had I been thinking, spending all my alloted review funds on one girl whom I’d be unable to take into a private session? Boy, what a sucker! Anyway, I thanked her for the pleasant conversation and promised to return and make another attempt at giving us some privacy, logged off, and soon fell asleep.

A day went by with no word. Then, just as I was settled into my usual state of self-doubt and mild depression, I received the following message…

Honey Bunny at Private Feeds

Oh, HoneyBunny, you really are one hell of a gal!

Webcam Love Pt. 2

Honey Bunny at Private FeedsAs you’ll recall from the last installment of Webcam Love, your humble narrator recently came upon a webcam performer unlike any other I had “met” – her name was HoneyBunny and I found her on Private Feeds, a fairly unimpressive review subject that suddenly upon meeting her proved itself worthwhile.

Upon clicking the “Enter Group Chat” button on HoneyBunny’s page, I received an error. Clicking it again, I got the same vague and unhelpful notice once more. Click, click, click. Error, error, error. I informed my new acquaintance of my troubles and headed off in search of a solution. The thought of her having to entertain the “puss” obsessed creep while I was left helpless, unable to rescue my fair maiden, filled me with despair. That despair soon turned to rage when I found the allegedly 24/7 live support system of Private Feeds was unavailable. Typical.

I hunted around for a solution to my troubles and found nothing. The site allegedly supported Mac OS X, so the fact that I was using a Macbook shouldn’t be the source of my frustrations, and there were no other hints pointing towards an immediate resolution. I restarted my browser – no luck. I restarted my computer – no luck. I changed my nickname from “MrPink” to “misterpink”  – no luck. Each time I entered HoneyBunny’s room, where she was once again public, her most recent patron quite obviously a one-minute-man, her face seemed to light up as she asked if I had overcome my technological setback. And, I’m sorry to say, each time I had to tell her “no.”

I continued chatting with her while heading offsite in my never-ending search for any possible solution, and I continued to tip her for her patience, for her good humor, and for not being like so many other camgirls I’ve come across in my many online adventures. She received each tip with a smile and blew me kisses and flashed me as a sign of her appreciation like the sweetheart she certainly seemed to be.

But was that really the case? Could some randomly found redheaded, curvaceous Colombian woman really be the first webcam performer this seasoned veteran of online adult entertainment (in all its various forms and fashions) has ever found himself even remotely besotted with truly be such a sweet and genuine friendly, not to mention gorgeous, woman?

The answer lies in the thrilling conclusion to (pause for dramatic effect) Webcam Love.

Stay tuned, sports fans!

High and Dry

Missy Pinks at MrPinks.comDear Missy Pink;

I’m a little embarrassed to be writing about something like this, but, it’s not anything I want to talk to my friends about, too much humiliation for that.  My husband and I have been married for nearly three years, and, believe it or not, I was still a virgin until my wedding night. It wasn’t easy to wait, but I was determined, and he understood, even though he would tell me after many dates that he was going home with a case of blue-balls as he called them. I am not naïve, I assumed he masturbated, but, I thought it would stop once we tied the knot. Our sex life is good…and often, still in the honeymoon stage, but part of the foreplay seemingly must include him touching himself, and it bothers me so much. I’ve told him time and time again that he shouldn’t have to do that, and shouldn’t even want to do that, but he just smiles, gives me a kiss and then continues as if I’ve not voiced my disgust. It’s gotten to a point where it ruins the entire love making session for me, I just want it over with and I never have an orgasm any more. Am I being a prude?

High and Dry

Dear Dry;

You would actually be surprised how many times I’ve heard friends voice the same complaint about their mates, either they incorporate it into their sexual sessions, or they’ve caught them in the bathroom with their hand….in their cookie jar. It’s amazing the height of jealousy, bitterness, and downright anger that women feel over this act, especially when such a high percentage of the female gender has a battery operated friend hidden in their panty draw for those need-for-nookie times their husbands know nothing about. They never catch on the Duracell’s on the store list every couple of weeks is not just for keeping the smoke alarms in working order.

Why do you feel so threatened over your husband doing a little masturbation in preparation for the boner business he has planned for the two of you? Most women find it a turn on, in fact, many couples enjoy mutual masturbation, it’s showing their open side…and thighs, which is a turn on for both parties. One thing to remember, for approximately 95% of the population, when the puberty bug first bit, it was their own hand that did the swatting, it’s like an old pair of blue jeans, it feels so comfortable sliding into them, it’s only natural their hand will follow.

It’s as if they’re cumming home to an old friend, and if your husband feels comfortable enough doing that in front of you, maybe you can try looking at it from the angle of comfort as well. It’s not like he’s wasting himself by droplets into his belly button, you’re still getting the gonad goods, try to turn your mind around to stimulation, imagine him doing that during your courting time after leaving you with a kiss at the front door under your porch light, you drove him to the erection, as you still are, so consider it a compliment, not something to be repulsed by.

Let him stroke his cock a bit, you stroke his ego, and by all means, release your inhibitions and allow yourself to experience an orgasm again, if not, you’ll be clipping coupons for batteries, to keep your own toys buzzing beautifully. When it comes to masturbation, you just can’t beat it!