Naughty America Busts Out!

Melina MasonI don’t mean to insult the single and lonely out there, but, man, having a girlfriend sure is great! You get to make out, fondle her boobs while she straightens her hair, and, unless you’ve been together for a long, long time, get laid on a regular basis. Hell, if you’re lucky enough you might even have a girlfriend that enjoys blowing you almost as much as you enjoy being blown. There’s really only one downside to having a girlfriend: monogamy. Monogamy is hard even in the most satisfying relationship but it certainly doesn’t help when your GF has a few friends with A+ racks! Naughty America knows this all too well and has just launched a brand new site built around this very premise.

My Girlfriend’s Busty Friend might not be the most succinct title for a porn site, but it sure is accurate. Fantasy is the name of the game here and you’re invited to live out yours with such boob-tastic performers as Madison Ivy and Natasha Nice already taking starring roles on this fledgling Naughty America effort. The scenes themselves are fairly typical of NA’s M.O. and see some lucky cocksman play the part of a guy whose girlfriend just doesn’t seem to be fulfilling his needs, either because she’s an outright ball-buster or she just doesn’t have the norks to satisfy a dedicated tits man. The nine scenes already online at My Girlfriend’s Busty Friend start out with cleavage-baring teases wrapping the guys around their perky pink nipples. It soon gets hardcore, however, in sex scenes filled with plenty of boob-fondling and titty-fucking, and usually concluding with pop-shots aimed squarely at the astounding racks of Karina White, Nicole Aniston, Melina Mason, and Jayden Jaymes; each one more blessed in the chest than the last.

As if you needed another reason to join the ranks of Naughty America members, My Girlfriend’s Busty Friend puffs up its array of ample chests knowing that no matter who she is or how many times you’ve heard her bitch and moan to your girl about some jerk mistreating her, a great rack is a great rack and that’s that.

Natasha Nice

Schtupping With Your Clothes On

Fully Clothed SexMore and more these days, it seems nudity is seen as a necessary component of mainstream entertainment. Take this season’s runaway television hit, Girls, for example. Creator and star, Lena Dunham, rips her clothes off seemingly at every available opportunity and while some controversy has brewed since the show’s pilot episode aired back in April, the slights and criticisms lobbed at Dunham and her show focused largely on the socioeconomic status of its characters and the dimensions of her unusually (at least for television) “normal” body. (Never mind the tired plot developments being reused in yet another show that pretends to be pushing the envelope while utterly lacking genuine originality. Never mind that the abundance of nudity on Girls merely perpetuates the objectification of women’s bodies regardless of their size and shape.) Face it, between Girls, Spartacus, True Blood, Magic City and a bunch of other shows I rarely watch, there’s so much bare flesh on TV these days it’s almost becoming a bore.

When it seems every sexually active adult is also a vain, egotistical wannabe-naturist – Girls’ girls included – it’s a relief to find a site like the recently reviewed at Fully Clothed Sex, which proves you can have, well, fully clothed sex. With its exclusive collection now boasting more than 250 hardcore sex scenes in which the participating women remain fully (or mostly) clothed at all times, here is an entertainment property that genuinely throws out preconceived notions of feminine sexuality and thrusts upon its viewers something bold and original: sex with your clothes on. Sounds dull, I know, but it’s a hell of a lot more fun than watching Dunham’s Hannah passive-aggressively snipe at her remarkably tolerant, but typically (for TV) doltish boyfriend.

Amia’s Fame-Ass

Amia MileyThanks to the TMZ, Perez Hilton, and the endless reach of the Internet, pornstars are now much closer to mainstream celebrity than ever before. Sasha Grey, Charley Chase, Bree Olson and Jenna Haze are but a few adult performers to have recently enjoyed flirtations with the mainstream – Sasha Grey’s is unfortunately ongoing – but the latest professional fucker to find widespread media attention is a rather unlikely one: Amia Miley.

Amia Miley (also known as Amia Moretti), a 22-year-old former pornstar – yes, folks, she has apparently “retired” – has been attracting attention because of a photo allegedly tweeted by Kanye West, a photo showing a tanned, curvaceous brunette sitting naked on the edge of what appears to be a hotel bed, scarfing her some room service breakfast. Since the woman was facing away from the camera and had a rather generously proportioned derriere, most assumed the photo was of Kanye’s ladyfriend, Kim “I work really, really, really hard, you guys!” Kardashian. Then, the news broke that the ass depicted belonged not to the big-assed reality star, but to Amia, a fact she was quick to point out (and prove!) to a TMZ reporter.

With news of Amia’s retirement yet to reach many, many porn fans, it’s likely she’ll use this unexpected exposure to further a career in, well, who knows? While her excellent porn work is still filtering out onto sites like Videobox, Amia’s been busy dating Jersey Shore alum The Situation’s similarly absurdly named bro, The Unit, and posting some rather strange videos on her YouTube account. Wanna see her attempt to swallow 18 inches of spiced sausage? (It’s not as arousing as it sounds, trust me.)