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Hard Luck – Missy Pink’s Sex Advice

Missy Pink, There’s a girl I’ve known since high school, we’re now in our late 30’s, and we’re still the best of friends, the problem is, I want more than that. She is very comfortable around me, meaning we shop … Continue reading

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‘Revenge Porn Bill’ Passes in CA

Remember when sending some friends a saucy photo snapped at a drunken party, a photo that might embarrass those depicted, all for a bit of fun? Well, shutterbug, keep doing that and it could land you in what the French … Continue reading

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Beatin’ on a Budget! with Burning Angel

Joanna Angel hasn’t exactly disappeared from the porn world, but she’s certainly stepped back from the spotlight a bit. Anyone worried that the heavily inked Brooklynite was on the verge of folding her Burning Angel company can rest easily, though, … Continue reading

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Alicia Tyler RIP

Adult performer Alicia Tyler was found dead at the Victorville, California home she lived in with her mother. While the cause of death remains as yet undetermined, Trevor Wilson, CEO of CST Management (which represented Tyler) released a statement last … Continue reading

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Lisa Ann Joins Jules

It used to be that if you received a couple of notices in the mainstream media (and it didn’t really matter what for) you’d made the successful transition from onscreen hooker to bona fide pornstar. Nowadays, though, a female performer … Continue reading

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