Alicia Tyler RIP

Alicia Tyler

Adult performer Alicia Tyler was found dead at the Victorville, California home she lived in with her mother. While the cause of death remains as yet undetermined, Trevor Wilson, CEO of CST Management (which represented Tyler) released a statement last week suggesting that, contrary to wildly circulating rumors, Tyler did not die from a drug overdose. In his statement, Wilson told the 27-year-old “has been in and out of hospital over the past few months with severe stomach issues and breathing problems. Those who knew Alicia personally are aware that she has long suffered from bad asthma, which coupled with her more recent medical issues are the likely cause of her untimely passing.”

Tyler’s unresponsive body was found on Sunday August 11th by her mother, who tried unsuccessfully to revive her with CPR. Emergency workers pronounced her dead at the scene. Wilson, who rightly called his client’s passing “untimely”, noted that Tyler was “in the midst of a career revival with the release of her upcoming biography as well as her new adult web-based drama series due out in January 2014.”

CST Management is in the process of setting up a trust fund to care for Tyler’s daughter and has promised to match all contributions to the fund. Funeral and memorial services are planned for this week and the family have asked for their privacy to be respect in this time of mourning.

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