Australia Deports Abby Winters

AbbyWinters.comAfter all the Australian Sex Party’s talk of protecting the sexual rights of consenting adults across the country, one of Down Under’s most acclaimed adult entities has been forced to jump ship and moved its operations from Melbourne to Amsterdam, The Netherlands, a whopping 10,000 miles (or 16,000 kilometers) away. Hey, Abby Winters, what the fuck happened?

Explaining the reasons for the emigration on the members forum all the way back in June of 2010 – how was this not headline news in the porn world? – Garion Hall, creative director for the amateur-focused porn company posted details of a police investigation into Abby Winters’ parent company, G Media, that resulted in charges being brought against the company for allegedly producing and selling DVDs that had not been classified by the Australian Classification Board; DVDs that were therefore being produced and sold illegally. Incurring a $6,000 fine and left with little choice but to depart for more porn-friendly waters, the entire Abby Winters organization started the long process of shifting operations to a city where, rumor has it, anything goes: Amsterdam.

Take a look at these days and you’ll still find the bevy of naturally beautiful women gracing its galleries and videos, but the majority of recent models are not Australian but European, hailing from various nations in the EU. The same head photographers and principal creative team of the company have stayed with, ensuring the same high-quality naturalistic nude, masturbation, and sapphic and straight hardcore content remains as impressive as ever.

In short, dear reader, not even classification issues, investigations, multi-thousand dollar fines, and the increasingly conservative, fear-mongering state of Australian politics can keep down. Show your support and give the newly European a long, hard look today.

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